I hate this shoot. I hate that I would personally eliminate the person with the weakest picture so early, because I really do like her. I hate most of the pictures. Even my girl Anya falls short in this shoot. Only one of the pictures is really excellent.

It’s a crazy tie for best sound this week… I’m super nervous about picking the best one… Oh well. LISTEN TO BOTH!

Katarzyna- Musical Style: Emo

Perfectly captures the whole angsty, emo look with the slouched back, slightly greasy looking hair and the lip ring. I’m thrilled to give her a first call out finally.

Whitney. Musical Style- Grunge.

If she really wanted to look grunge, she’d be wearing a flannel shirt, but that’s not her fault. What IS her fault is the damn slightly open mouth again… It kind of works here. Blah, this picture is just average.

Anya- Musical Style: Emo

She doesn’t really look punk as much as she looks like a very odd groupie for KISS or something. Still, she’s definitely modeling– there are those amazing angles with her legs again, and she’s far better than what’s left.

Fatima. Musical Style: Heavy Metal

Gahhh, her DAMN FACE. I don’t think the tongue looks funny, I think it looks stupid. If she’d been doing something even slightly more model-y, I wouldn’t hesitate to put her third or even second. I love her pose– perfectly embodies the style.

Lauren. Musical Style= Pop.

I usually love awkward Lauren, but I hate it here. Part of it isn’t her fault, cuz she has absolutely nothing to work with except a very bland looking backdrop, but I feel like she’s scowling more than anything. Meh, meh, meh.

Dominique. Musical Style- Folk

I almost love this. I love softer Dominique, but I just think her eyes ruin it. I wish she was looking straight at the camera and doing that stupid relaxed mouth Tyra is always talking about. In this case, it would work. I do think she captured the style pretty well though. Definitely a middling picture.

Stacy Ann. Musical Style- House.

I guess I’m just meh about Stacy Ann as a model, because I don’t think she’s doing anything extraordinary here. It’s not bottom two worthy, but there’s nothing of note going on, except that she looks like she’s in Aqua (Thank you Rich from fourfour for pointing this out to me)

Aimee. Musical Style- R&B.

If this had been disco, she would have nailed it. Unfortunately, it’s R&B, which apparently equals Beyonce. I don’t understand the creative direction for this shoot at all. On top of problems outside her control, Aimee isn’t really doing much with her face. It looks like a cheesy CD cover.

Claire. Musical Style= Country.

I know a model is supposed to be versatile and blah blah blah, but they gave COUNTRY to Claire? She is altogether too bizarre looking (I mean that in a good way) to pull of something as sugary as country. Whitney and her should have had each other’s genres and the shoot would have been completely different. Anyway, I hate this because it means I had to personally boot Claire, and I quite like her. Her face is just SO bland, you can barely see her legs… I’m reminded of Naima’s blandness here, actually. Gross.

So yeah, that photoshoot sucks. I’m glad to be done with it. Current standings are as follows-

-Anya (2) 1/3/2/1/3

-Lauren (3.4)- 7/1/1/3/5

-Katarzyna (3.8)- 3/7/3/5/1

-Claire (5.4)- 2/5/5/6/9

-Fatima (5.8)- 5/2/11/7/4

-Aimee (6)- 4/4/10/4/8

-Whitney (6.2)- 6/8/6/9/2

-Dominique (6.8)- 11/11/4/2/6

-Marvita- 8

-Stacy Ann (8.2)- 10/9/7/8/7

-Kimberly- 9

-Amis- 10.6


-Allison- 13


Aimee- 0

Allison- 2

Amis- 0

Anya- 0

Atalya- 0

Claire- 1

Dominique- 0

Fatima- 1

Katarzyna- 0

Kimberly- 0

Lauren- 0

Marvita- 1

Stacy Ann- 0

Whitney- 0