Nothing too extraordinary in this photoshoot… My favorite produces the best picture of the week, someone was wrongfully eliminated on the show, and mediocrity continues to get by.

Here, our best and worst photos combine to bring us something so beautiful


If anyone doesn’t like Anya, you may as well stop reading my blog, because my bias for her doesn’t ever end. She looks like a mermaid trying to reach the surface of the water in this picture… There’s such a longing in her hand… The way the fabric swirls around her is lovely too. She doesn’t look pressed up against saran wrap at all.


The only reason this picture isn’t #1 is her cheek. She looks crushed up against the plastic, and it distracts me every time. Everything else is perfect. The hand is so soft and graceful, and her body makes it look like she’s flying.


Another open mouth shot… I swear, I’m going to rip this bitch a new one.  That being said, everything else is great… the energy in her toes, the almost fetal-like pose. She also doesn’t look smooshed up against some saran wrap.


I don’t like the straight hand, but I do like the way her face looks in the water. The fabric is swirly and pretty around her, but it doesn’t create as lovely an image as the other three.


She’s squished in a lot of places, and it’s too bad, because the body angle makes a great pattern for the fabric. I also have to say that her falling flat on her face not once but TWICE for this photoshoot was priceless and I laughed my ass off. Definitely not the worst of the week.


Doesn’t this look like the cover of a Madonna CD or something? She looks like she’s orgasming. Her arm is squished, but I love her legs and I kind of like the orgasm face, but I don’t particularly see fluidity or grace here.


Is it just me or does her face look… fishy? She just looks squashed up against the panel and it’s not good at all. The only redeeming quality about this picture is how long her legs look.


Oh, I have no idea what the hell happened to my dear and awkward Lauren. She doesn’t look awkward here… she looks like she’s melting. Her face is just terrible. Her legs look like they’re busted… She really didn’t do well here. Probably one of my least favorite pictures of the cycle.

So, the stupid judges eliminated Claire. Even though Lauren’s picture is horrible, I still would have gotten rid of Stacy Ann for producing mediocre shot after mediocre shot. My current standings are-

-Anya (1.8) 1/3/2/1/3/1

-Katarzyna (3.8)- 3/7/3/5/1/4

-Lauren (4.1)- 7/1/1/3/5/8

-Fatima (5.1)- 5/2/11/7/4/2

-Claire (5.3)- 2/5/5/6/9/5

-Whitney (5.6)- 6/8/6/9/2/3

-Aimee- 6

-Dominique (6.6)- 11/11/4/2/6/6

-Marvita- 8

-Stacy Ann (8)- 10/9/7/8/7/7

-Kimberly- 9

-Amis- 10.6


-Allison- 13


Aimee- 0

Allison- 2

Amis- 0

Anya- 0

Atalya- 0

Claire- 1

Dominique- 0

Fatima- 1

Katarzyna- 0

Kimberly- 0

Lauren- 1

Marvita- 1

Stacy Ann- 0

Whitney- 0