THE COMMERCIALS HAVE BEEN DELETED OFF OF YOUTUBE. So… I give you… a basic summing uppage of the commercials:


(Thank you to Rich!)

Anyway, here they are… from least sucky to most sucky-

The only one that sounded even slightly natural.  She even had the poise and class of someone very commercial in Italian.

This commercial is horrendous, but it has soooo much camp appeal. BRAZILIA!


Well, didn’t she think she was the bees knees? I thought the whole thing was very ‘I am regal, watch me PERFORM’, but she didn’t butcher it.


I love her energy and she looks beautiful, but the Italian was just… not good. Still, considering that she can barely speak English… not horrendous at all.


Is… Is… IS HER MOUTH SHUT? Omg! This commercial is the fakest piece of shit since the judging at the previous episode. I really hated how she kept gasping.


Simply one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen.

And yes, Lauren was eliminated for this. Thank god. Love the bitch, but that fucking terrible.

Current standings-

-Anya (2) 1/3/2/1/3/1/1/4

-Katarzyna (3.3)- 3/7/3/5/1/4/3/1

-Lauren (4.1)- 7/1/1/3/5/8/2/6

-Fatima (5.1)- 5/2/11/7/4/2/7/3

-Claire- 5.3

-Whitney (5.6)- 6/8/6/9/2/3/6/5

-Dominique (5.8)- 11/11/4/2/6/6/5/2

-Aimee- 6

-Stacy Ann- 7.4

-Marvita- 8

-Kimberly- 9

-Amis- 10.6


-Allison- 13


Aimee- 0

Allison- 2

Amis- 0

Anya- 0

Atalya- 0

Claire- 1

Dominique- 0

Fatima- 2

Katarzyna- 0

Kimberly- 0

Lauren- 2

Marvita- 1

Stacy Ann- 0

Whitney- 0