Seriously… did anyone else understand this shot? The point was to look SURPRISED by the paparazzi, not to stand there and pose. I feel like giving 3 out of 4 of the girls four points each and giving one of them -4 for completely nailing it. Oh, and fuck Nigel Barker for being like ‘She got lucky and fell right into the shot?’… Yeah, and? It’s HOT and a contender for best picture of the cycle.

Clearly her ‘vision’ is what translated into this shot.


Flawless picture. Completely and totally flawless. She looks beautiful (love her with actual eyebrows…) and she’s actually doing what the shoot asked for.


This sucks, but it sucks less than the others because it looks like she’s clinging to her man in a ‘Protect me from the paparazzi, please’ way. At first I thought she was just smiling cheesily (see: next photo) but she does look a little bewildered, so she sort of kind of not really got the idea.


If the purpose was to take a black and white glamour shot, she would have nailed it, but there isn’t even an element of surprise here. She completely missed the point… something that would have gotten another model eliminated in earlier stages.


She missed the point too– She basically just looks like she’s leaning on her guy. There’s no eye contact with the camera, so any surprise she might have been putting on is lost in that damn tranny face. It sucks, because she’d been doing so well for weeks and weeks.

Yeah, so fuck all of them except Anya. Dominique was eliminated this week, and while she was growing on me considerably, I can’t say she didn’t deserve it.


-Anya (1.9) 1/3/2/1/3/1/1/4/2/1

-Katarzyna- 3.3

-Lauren- 4.1

-Fatima (4.7)- 5/2/11/7/4/2/7/3/3/3

-Whitney (5.2)- 6/8/6/9/2/3/6/5/5/2

-Dominique (5.2)- 11/11/4/2/6/6/5/2/1/4

-Claire- 5.3

-Aimee- 6

-Stacy Ann- 7.4

-Marvita- 8

-Kimberly- 9

-Amis- 10.6


-Allison- 13


Aimee- 0

Allison- 2

Amis- 0

Anya- 0

Atalya- 0

Claire- 1

Dominique- 1

Fatima- 2

Katarzyna- 0

Kimberly- 0

Lauren- 2

Marvita- 1

Stacy Ann- 0

Whitney- 1