This is the last photoshoot of the cycle and that’s all I’m going to score– the individual Covergirl photos. In the next post, I’ll post my favorite picture of each girl in the order I would rank them, and then follow that post up with bonus stuff (favorite pictures of the cycle, least favorites of the cycle, etc etc).

There is no sound clip this week and instead, I grace you with this


This is definitely one of my more controversial opinions. Remember, I have a huge bias. At first glance, I hate this. Then I look at every element individually and I think she looks gorgeous… her eyebrows are actually showing (roflll) and her hair is great. Also, I think it helps to see this shot as an ad, not just a picture.


This should probably be my #1, but I just Anya better.


What was all that shit about this being a ‘powerful’ photograph? It’s a nice photograph, sure but there’s nothing powerful about it except my power to close Whitney’s mouth. She looks pretty, but I don’t think it compares to the others.

-Anya (1.8) 1/3/2/1/3/1/1/4/2/1/1

-Katarzyna- 3.3

-Lauren- 4.1

-Fatima (4.4)- 5/2/11/7/4/2/7/3/3/3/2

-Whitney (5)- 6/8/6/9/2/3/6/5/5/2/3

-Dominique – 5.2

-Claire- 5.3

-Aimee- 6

-Stacy Ann- 7.4

-Marvita- 8

-Kimberly- 9

-Amis- 10.6


-Allison- 13


Aimee- 0

Allison- 2

Amis- 0

Anya- 0- Runner Up

Atalya- 0

Claire- 1

Dominique- 1

Fatima- 2

Katarzyna- 0

Kimberly- 0

Lauren- 2

Marvita- 1

Stacy Ann- 0

Whitney- 2- Winner