Last bonus post for Cycle 10-

Obviously, a ‘last call-out’ is usually in direct correlation with a bad picture. So, if I’d been in charge of making cuts, here’s how I would have probably played it-

Week 1- Homeless

My elimination would have been Allison, not Atalya. She looks dead in the eyes, and as we could see from her next picture, she wouldn’t have been a very valuable asset anyway.

Week 2- Intimates

Since Allison would have been given the boot the week before, I would have had to choose Dominique for delivering two extremely bland shots in a row. Sucks, because we never would have seen her colored jizz picture, her modern renaissance one or her BRAZILIA! 😦

Week 3- Meat Outfits

Fatima’s picture is the worst, easily, but I gave her a #1 the week before, so it would be ridiculous to eliminate her when Marvita was still consistently dealing out mediocrity.

Week 4- Colored Jizz

This is Marvita’s worst picture, but I would have eliminated her the week before. Whitney’s picture totally sucks, but I think Atalya would have been my most likely eliminee if I’d kept her around till now… I don’t look at her face and see someone capable of a good beauty shot.

Week 5- Music Styles

I don’t like Claire’s picture, but I don’t think it’s terrible either. Amis would have likely been given the boot by me at this point, just because I think I would be sick to death of her.

Week 6- Fuerzabruta

Lauren’s picture is ridiculously bad… it sucks so much, but most of her other pictures were good up till this point, so I would eliminate the dreadfully bland Stacy Ann at this point for delivering a picture that was almost as bad as Lauren’s.

Week 7- Group Shot

Fatima didn’t do a picture, but it wasn’t one of those bullshit ‘This is against my religion’ type excuses, so I would have let her keep going. This is where I would have booted Whitney for her fake-ness and her stupid open mouth.

Week 8- The Commercial

Lauren’s commercial was horrible, and it would be stupid not to boot her at this point. I can’t imagine that any of the people who I personally have left who didn’t do commercials (That would be Aimee and Claire) could be worse than her.

Week 9- Modern Renaissance

Boo, poor Dominique. I think Aimee’s cutesy appeal would have grown tired at this point and any high fashion luck she might have would run out here.

Week 10- Surprised by the Paparazzi

Fatima completely missed the point in this picture, and she was sort of falling back by now. I think Claire would have nailed it.

Week 11- Covergirl

Claire just isn’t commercial enough to do Covergirl. I think she would have been horrendous in this shot… But I’m glad she would have made it this far!

Final 2- Anya and Katarzyna

Runner- Up would have to be Katarzyna

Cuz when it comes down to it, Anya rules all 😉


Most #1 Call-Outs: Anya (6)

Most Dead-Last Call-Outs: Allison, Lauren, Fatima (2)