I’ve been re-watching some ANTM Episodes and the first season was SOOOOOO bare bones. Also, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss Nigel.

The first shoot was J. Lo bikinis, and it was the first of many lingerie-type shoots. Booooring. Just like in cycle 10… Best to worst:


Gorgeous, mile-long legs, great posture. I also love her kind of mysterious, twinkling eyes. Definitely my favorite of the week.


I don’t care if she did belong on the cover of Playboy… Katie is HOT. Her mouth is relaxed, her body is great and the boobs aren’t over the top. What’s so Playboy about that?


If anyone looks Playboy, it’s Nicole. Her boobs are practically spilling out, but her pose is so strong and her body is so hot that I’m willing to let it go. I think she looks a little manly, but it’s a nice contrast.


Such a gorgeous picture… Her skin looks great and her pose, despite kind of cutting her up, is beautiful. My only complaint with it is that she does kind of look her age here, and it doesn’t work with the youthful appearance of the body.


Her eyes leave a bit to be desired… They look a little roll-backy, and she’s obviously the skinniest bitch on the show, but I love her pose and how relaxed she looks despite having her leg bent under her.


I had this a lot higher until I started studying it. Her lips are kind of pursed into a weird expression, and she’s doing the same finger-hooked-through thing to the bathing suit that Janice ragged on Katie for doing. Not bad, not great.


I love her face… as a matter of fact, she is facially my favorite, but I think the pose is extremely blah. I think her hands looks awkward, and her boobs are spilling out (Seriously… I don’t get why the judges say something to one person but not to all the others)


Again… gorgeous face… but what the fuck is with the pose? The shoes look like they’re cutting off her circulation, and is she holding onto her shoe? I worship Adrianne, but this picture is soooo underwhelming.


I think she did a good job with a suit that didn’t flatter her, but the face is lost. She looks confused.


Ugh, everything is just SO wrong about this. Her expression is bizarre… she looks painfully skinny on top (at least Elyse did a good job covering up her ribs), her thighs are weirdly paunchy… She’s so gorgeous and this picture is a mess.

Standings after 1st Photoshoot-

Giselle- 1

Katie- 2

Nicole- 3

Robin- 4

Elyse- 5

Ebony- 6

Kesse- 7

Adrianne- 8

Tessa- 9

Shannon- 10

Yawn, are we done yet?