SHOUT OUT TO MY LOVELY CARLEN… This cycle sucks, and I’m trying to cruise through it… Here’s another bathing suit shoot where they chastized Katie for being too sexy, despite the shoot being for Stuff Magazine. Eyeroll.


I love the playful smile off to the side… I love her body, and how she doesn’t try and look sexy… she just is.


I think this picture is really underrated. For someone as skinny as she is, she worked her tush! She also seemed really upset by the expression on her face, and she didn’t have to… She looks great.


She totally owns in this picture… The pose is men’s magazine (which Stuff is… so much for being a high fashion show… roflll) but she still looks like a model, not some random ho. I really dig Giselle.


So much better than last week… She really commands the pose and has a very ‘No bullshit’ expression on her face. She looks HOT.


A ridiculous improvement over last week, but still not amazing…. I still think her body is scarily thin, but she has a great expression on her face. She’s sexy without having tons of boobs too, which is pretty typical of Stuff.


So maybe it isn’t America’s Next Top Model, but I think she’s gorgeous, and clearly beautiful enough to do Dear or No Deal… There’s nothing sluttier about this picture than boobjob Nicole.


Speak of the devil… If she didn’t have such a draggy face, she would have been reprimanded for spilling out… Sure, the arm across the body takes away from some of the ‘sex appeal’… I guess I think this shot is dumb. It’s for Stuff magazine… so what’s the point? Cutting the sex appeal or vamping it up? Damn you, Tyra!


Her right arm looks paralyzed, she’s doing nothing with her face… It just doesn’t do anything for me. It’s not UGLY… it’s just meh.


The downward spiral begins. She looks at least 30 in this picture, her eyes are kind of unfocused, and the pose lacks inspiration.

Standings after 2nd Photoshoot-

Giselle (2)- 1/3

Elyse (3.5)- 5/2

Ebony (3.5)- 6/1

Katie (4)- 2/6

Nicole (5)- 3/7

Adrianne (6)- 8/4

Robin (6.5)- 4/9

Shannon (7.5) 10/5

Kesse (7.5)- 7/8

Tessa- Final Score= 9


Adrianne- 0

Ebony- 0

Elyse- 0


Katie- 0

Kesse- 0


Robin- 1

Shannon- 1

Tessa- 0