This shot required the girls to pose in the buff, with their hands and diamonds and body paint covering their nether regions. At this point, the ladies have done three lingerie pictures, but resident Virgin Shannon and Religious Relic Robin were like ‘Fuck no’, so they both get three points for being prudes.


What a hot slutty, bitch. This cycle should have been called ‘America’s Next Top Pornstar’ and Adrianne still would have won. Fierce.


I love that she has the illusion of curves here even though we all know she was skinny. Again, her face brings her down a little bit. She doesn’t have any intensity in her face, despite having a HOT looking bod.

Robin and Shannon-

DING DONG, ROBIN GOT ELIMINATED… I would have eliminated her for a weaker body of work than Shannon, though they both suck for not doing this.

Current Standings–

Elyse (2.7)- 5/2/1/2/3/4/2

Adrianne (2.8)- 8/4/2/3/1/1/1

Shannon (4.7) 10/5/3/6/4/2/3

Robin-  4/9/5/5/6/5/3- Final Score= 5.2

Giselle- Final Score= 2.8

Katie- Final Score= 4

Kesse-  Final Score= 5

Ebony- Final Score= 5.5

Nicole- Final Score= 5.6

Tessa- Final Score= 9


Adrianne- 0

Ebony- 2

Elyse- 0


Katie- 0

Kesse- 0

Nicole- 0

Robin- 4

Shannon- 1

Tessa- 0