I obviously wanted to include the commercials in my ranking, seeing as how contestants do get eliminated for sucking it up in commercials.

Unfortunately for the Fresh Look Contacts commercial of Cycle 1, they didn’t do screen captures, so I am forced to improvise. This is ghetto as the Cycle 1 judging room.


Do you have any idea how hard it is to find decent pictures of eyes? Kesse was comfortable, sweet and natural. A clear winner for this week.


She wasn’t as warm as Kesse, but she did a good job and she looked very commercial too, surprisingly.


So what if she has a frigging accent? You can’t just make that go away. I thought her eyes were probably the most noticeable, so she gets third.


I love her and her look… I just didn’t think that she nailed it as well as some of the other girls did.


I thought she was still a little pageant-y and hokey sounding, but considering what we know of her at this point… it could have been SO. MUCH. WORSE.


The worst part about this is that I really liked Shannon the first time I watched the show… Now I see how underwhelming she really was. I thought she did the whole overused thing that the judges call ‘relying on pretty’ and not really emphasizing anything.


As much as I hate to agree with the judges, I have to say that her commercial, plus her previous photo make her a logical choice for an elimination. She was bad.

In conclusion, I’d just like to say that eyes are disgusting.

Current Standings–

Elyse (2.5)- 5/2/1/2

Giselle (3)- 1/3/4/4

Adrianne (4.2)- 8/4/2/3

Ebony- Final Score= 5.5

Kesse (5.5)- 7/8/6/1

Robin (5.7)- 4/9/5/5

Shannon (6) 10/5/3/6

Katie- Final Score= 4

Nicole- Final Score= 5.6

Tessa- Final Score= 9


Adrianne- 0

Ebony- 2

Elyse- 0


Katie- 0

Kesse- 0

Nicole- 0

Robin- 1

Shannon- 1

Tessa- 0