This episode features some of Janice’s most candid commentary. She told Kesse that her now legendary picture made it look like she had a penis.

Janice is classy.



Her entire body is working here, and she still looks pretty. You barely notice the guy in the background, and the shoe is still a focal point.


In terms of a movement shot, this is definitely the best, so I have to rank it high but um… where the fuck are the shoes?


If her eyes weren’t a little dead looking, this would be far and away my favorite picture of the week. I love the movement and I notice the shoes right away.


She looks frigging hot, and not as gross and skinny… and perhaps this is the fault of Tyra for choosing this picture but… you can’t even see her feet because… she’s just standing there. Sigh. Way to miss the point, hot mama.


Pretty much everything Janice said about this picture is true… but I have to give her some credit for at least moving. Her face looks a bit “i just escaped from a mental hospital”, she does have a weird cock-like bulge and her right leg does have that amputee flair. I like her hands though.


The fact that she wasn’t even in the bottom two and Giselle was ELIMINATED should have clued me into this show being absolutely retarded. She looks like she’s lifting her leg to piss, and her expression isn’t that far off from Kesse’s mental hospital escapee. It’s a completely boring picture, as if she didn’t even try.

Current Standings–

Elyse (2.6)- 5/2/1/2/3

Giselle- 1/3/4/4/2- Final Score= 2.8

Adrianne (3.6)- 8/4/2/3/1

Kesse (5.4)- 7/8/6/1/5

Shannon (5.6) 10/5/3/6/4

Robin (5.8)- 4/9/5/5/6

Katie- Final Score= 4

Ebony- Final Score= 5.5

Nicole- Final Score= 5.6

Tessa- Final Score= 9


Adrianne- 0

Ebony- 2

Elyse- 0


Katie- 0

Kesse- 0

Nicole- 0

Robin- 2

Shannon- 1

Tessa- 0