Back in the day, there was no Covergirl, so I’m assuming the purpose of this was to do a black and white profile view glamour pose. The top 4 all did them, so despite Robin’s elimination, I will be including her in the call-out order.


Another first call out for Miss. Curry… I love the slightly parted lips, the sparkle on her cheekbones… Plus, her face looks great with lots of makeup, as the previously mentioned Snake shot proves as well.


A very beautiful picture that proves that she is capable of looking edgy, not just like an apple pie. I love the intensity in her eyes.


There’s a daydreamy quality to this shot that I like much more than all of her last pictures. She isn’t as striking as the other girls, but she does look very nice here.


I feel like this was taken underneath her, and I don’t like that at all… Her eyes are a little kooky looking, and there’s really no sparkle. Kills me to put her this low… I love her so much. Fucking photographer.

Final Standings-

Current Standings–

Adrianne- 8/4/2/3/1/1/1/1- Final Score= 2.6

Elyse- 5/2/1/2/3/4/2/4- Final Score= 2.8

Giselle- Final Score= 2.8

Katie- Final Score= 4

Shannon- 10/5/3/6/4/2/3/2- Final Score= 4.3

Kesse-  Final Score= 5

Robin-  4/9/5/5/6/5/3/3- Final Score= 5

Ebony- Final Score= 5.5

Nicole- Final Score= 5.6

Tessa- Final Score= 9


Adrianne- 0 (Winner)

Ebony- 2

Elyse- 1


Katie- 0

Kesse- 0

Nicole- 0

Robin- 4

Shannon- 1

Tessa- 0