I am sooo excited for Cycle 2… I just re-watched it this weekend and realized how strong it actually is. Obviously it’s not without its problems, but there are some seriously HOT pictures here.

The first shoot is for fresh look contacts, but eyes didn’t really seem to be a focus with the judges or anything, so I judged it based on the body and the face. I’ve included pictures of both the face and the body (don’t get used to it… I lucked into it).


Absolutely regal. I am with the crackpot Janice all the way about Mercedes. She doesn’t even look like she’s wearing body paint because her stance is so majestic. Her face is soft but still screaming intensity. One of the best debut pictures of all time, IMO.


Her body looks long and the pose is sophisticated.  I love the angelic expression on her face… She just looks undeniably gorgeous here. Another strong starting picture.


Her nudity is a little bit more obvious, but the stance is so confident and interesting… Cannot believe she pulled this off for her first picture. One of many AMAZING shots from Shandi.


She doesn’t even look like she’s wearing paint… And her face is so beyond stunning… I just think she’s looking a little robotic in her face, which is a shame because her pose is fantastic. Still, I have to give her credit… Her eyes go right through me [/twiggy]


She looks so SEXY with her finger in his mouth, and I like the pose as well. She looks really hot without going over the top.


I LOOOOOVE the pose at first glance, until I notice that her right arm is completely gone. I mean, hello amputee. Cl0se-up, her face isn’t as striking as some of the others either.


The face is DEAD… It’s like, a cross between a wink and a squint, but the pose is very lovely. She looks like a garden nymph or something… Overall, it’s just pretty and nothing revolutionary.


Essentially the same critique of Heather… Another beautiful pose with a very lame facial expression. She looks stiff, despite looking the most angelic naturally. I really do love the pose though, so it’s sad that she couldn’t muster up a good facial expression.


Hello overrated. Did this really get a first call-out from the judges? Her face is wrong in so many ways… Squinty eyes, pushed out lips… Completely detracts from her gorgeous stance, but way more than it does for both Heather and Catie. Not a good start from someone who made it so far.


Poor girl… she has the opposite problem of the others… Her face looks great (like, almost as great as Yoanna’s), but her entire body gets lost among the feathers and stuff. Seeing as how this is a full body shot, she unfortunately gets put wayyy down low for it.


Hello Smurf Porn!


She didn’t do a picture, and I’m not going to bother with a screenshot.

Current Standings-

Mercedes- 1

April- 2

Shandi- 3

Yoanna- 4

Sara- 5

Xiomara- 6

Heather- 7

Catie- 8

Camille- 9

Jenascia- 10

Bethany- 11

Anna- 12 (I’m harsh on no photo)


Anna- 1

April- 0

Bethany- 0

Camille- 0

Catie- 0

Heather- 0

Jenascia- 0

Mercedes- 0

Sara- 0

Shandi- 0

Xiomara- 0

Yoanna- 0

Stay tuned for more and leave comments!