This next shoot was for Steve Madden shoes, and the girls had to pick what they believed to be their best shot… A couple of them were overruled by the judges, but whatever. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose was… I think you had to sell the shoes but still look interesting. No cl0seups here, since the face wasn’t an integral element to the shoot.


There’s such a warmth in this picture that none of the others has… She’s so strikingly beautiful and yet, approachable. This is the only ad that made me think ‘Whoa, I want shoes like that’


Unflinching stare and legs for days… This LOOKS like an ad for Steve Madden.


She really stands out despite having such crazy shoes on. Her body looks fantastic and the pose is interesting. Another one that looks like a real ad, but perhaps for something a little more upscale than Steve Madden.


Easily the most improved picture of the week. I love the little over the shoulder look she’s giving, and the shoes look great. Not as striking as the other 3, but still shows she’s capable of doing well.


I haven’t really been giving the face a lot of weight in my rankings… until now. She looks completely freaked out… This pose is really cool and shows off the shoes well, but her bug-eyes detract immensely.


Veryyy awkward pose, but it almost works for me. The shoes are highlighted in her being bent in about 10 different places, and the face has an element of surprise to it, but it is overall more bizarre than effective.


Okay… I know that it’s a shoe ad but I like my models to actually HAVE FACES. I see what Tyra was saying with her body language reflecting a ‘AND HERE THEY ARE… SHOES’ kind of attitude, but come on! Some face is required here. Her body looks fucking perfect though, so that’s why she isn’t last.


You know, her shoes are less interesting than a lot of the other girls, and I give her credit for putting a hand on her ankle to bring them out, but I just don’t really like this picture. She looks like she’s sitting on a toilet, and the shoes just don’t stand out at all.


When I look at this, I don’t look at the shoes… I look at her pursed lips, and the weird pose that is emphasizing her tits and her vag… It’s just very disturbing overall, and I think she should have been able to nail it… white boots? Easiest shoe.


This poor girl… She really is better suited for men’s magazines– I usually hate it when Tyra says that, but her pose is very sexual and I’m more focused on her bum than the shoes. Also, she kind of looks like she’s bending over and sticking it out to take something long and phallic up there, if you know what I mean, so perhaps she’s better suited for porn and should just skip the men’s magazines altogether. Great legs though.


Janice like frankness: Her eyes look possessed, her stance looks like she’s peeing and you barely notice the shoes. I am really not a fan of this picture.

Oh, how interesting:

Yoanna (2.5)- 4/1

Mercedes (3)- 1/5

Shandi (3)- 3/3

April (4.5)- 2/7

(Wow, way to copy the judges, Amanda)

Catie (5)- 8/2

Sara (5.5)- 5/6

Jenascia (7)- 10/4

Heather (7.5)- 7/8

Xiomara (8.5)- 6/11

Camille (9)- 9/9

Bethany (10.5)- 11/10

Anna- 12 (I’m harsh on no photo)


Anna- 1

April- 0

Bethany- 0

Camille- 0

Catie- 0

Heather- 0

Jenascia- 0

Mercedes- 0

Sara- 0

Shandi- 0

Xiomara- 1

Yoanna- 0