This next shot (Laundry by Shelli Segal) was very hard to judge, because I can only find small pictures and I feel like I have no idea what I’m talking about. This is the judging order from the episode:

Elimination 3
Shandi, April, Yoanna, Merceds, Sara, Camille, Jenascia, Catie

Bottom Two: Xiomara, Heather
Eliminated: Heather

I think you will find it alarmingly similar to my own:


Perfect picture. The arms are strong and confident, the face is electric with energy… She looks perfectly comfortable up there. Slap a label on that sucker and it’s an ad. AND SHE DID IT IN PANTS!


Another one that already looks like an ad. I love the legs so much and the strength in her right arm. These two are in a league of their own this week.


She may have cried and bitched about having to be up in the air, but she looks completely calm. The expression on her face is like “Yeah, I’m up here having myself a grand old time’. I think her legs look really cool too.


She looks like she’s a little tense, body-wise, but her face shows no fear. This bitch can do no wrong.


Her body looks great, but her face is really disappointing. I like how her right leg is in the ring!


She does have rolly-backy eyes but there’s such a ferocity in her mouth and her legs that I’m okay with it. She has a really cool nose too.


Is it just me or does she look like an Olsen twin? I don’t think was worth an elimination… She looks nervous– Like if the feet were pointed or the face was more controlled, it’d be really good.


This is kind of a mess, and yet… I like it. I wish you could see her eyes. There’s a longing in her right arm that’s cool.


Did I miss the memo on this girl or what? Her face looks ridiculous– like she’s trying to catch bugs or something. The only thing that keeps this from last place is her arm. Her arm looks cool.


Blergh. Her face is soooooo ugly. I am so glad this fucking shoot is over.

Shandi (2.3)- 3/3/1

Yoanna (3)- 4/1/4

Mercedes (3.6)- 1/5/5

April (3.6)- 2/7/2

Catie (4.3)- 8/2/3

Sara (5.6)- 5/6/6

Jenascia (7.3)- 10/4/8

Heather (7.3)- 7/8/7

Xiomara (9)- 6/11/10

Camille (9)- 9/9/9

Bethany- 10.5

Anna- 12 (I’m harsh on no photo)


Anna- 1

April- 0

Bethany- 0

Camille- 0

Catie- 0

Heather- 0

Jenascia- 0

Mercedes- 0

Sara- 0

Shandi- 0

Xiomara- 2

Yoanna- 0