WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. As if I weren’t already sick to death of Cycle 10, I decided to do a two part bonus post! I’ll be doing these for all the other cycles 2, so expect the Cycle 1 one to show up sometime soon and then the rest of the cycles will include this post at the end, along with their week by week.

Part 1- MAKEOVERS/Purely superficial.

Wow, most of these makeovers suck ass. I’ll just go in alphabetical order, cuz there’s no ranking.


This bitch is hot. She looks hot on the left, she looks hot on the right. Her makeover made her look even more pale and glowing. Definitely one of the most beautiful of the cycle.


She’s like… the lovechild of Jaslene and Eva Longoria. I think the dark hair is far more striking than the red, which is a little brassy. She’s hot, despite being a racist whorebag.


She looks SO good in both of these pictures, despite being one of my least favorites on the show. I love the whole look of the left picture, and the general hotness but not too posed right picture as well. YA KNOW?!!


AW GREAT. Tyra gives my Anya the stupid ice-blonde makeover. IT DOESN’T LOOK GOOD. Also, WHY THE HELL DID THEY DYE HER EYEBROWS OFF? She looks miles better on the left, but she somehow managed to make the blonde work. YOU’RE MY HAWAIIAN PRINCESS, ANYA.


She’s kind of a mess in both pictures, and not especially attractive. I definitely prefer the shorter do but would have liked it in another color, maybe.


WORST. MAKEOVER. OF. THE. CYCLE. Her hair looks SO much nicer in the left picture. Usually it looked like shit, so I understand them wanting to cut it, but why do it in a soccer mom do? I’m glad they fixed it, but it looks SO bad in the right picture (and her lingerie picture)


Finally, a great makeover. She looks stunning. This woman is practically perfect.


Another babe that looked perfectly fine before her makeover. I liked the shorter haircut, even though it made her cry 😦


She’s so hot! I never really noticed because all my fondest memories of Lauren involve her eyes bugging out of her head! She looks sexy in both pictures! I’m a fan!


I never thought she was pretty until I saw the makeover picture. That horse mane bullshit was the dumbest thing I’d ever heard, and yet… Marvita looks GORGEOUS in the picture on the right!


UHHHWWWWOOWWWWWW THATSSSSS DIIIIIIIFEREEEENTTT. I think she’s more cute than she is pretty, and I think the short hair is edgier, but the long is definitely more ‘her’.


I liked the brown when it was up, and I thought the blonde started looking ratty by the end BUT… in these two pictures alone, the blonde looks way better. Also, Whitney is pretty.


The Most Overrated Picture of the Cycle Is:

Was this first call-out? It’s not very good.


This was first too? Ew.


The judges had barely anything nice to say about this, even though she looks hot as hell.