This shoot was cool… I’m one of the few that actually liked the celebrity couples shoot in Cycle 7. It’s not so much about actually looking like someone as much as it’s about embodying their energy. For reference, here is who each girl was supposed to be embodying:

April: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Camille: Diana Ross

Catie: Marilyn Monroe

Jenascia: Salma Hayek

Mercedes: Billie Holiday

Sara: Angelina Jolie

Shandi: Nicole Kidman

Xiomara: Grace Jones

Yoanna: Audrey Hepburn


Ooh girl. Mercedes is back on top. This picture is so perfect. She’s got this story behind her eyes, and Billie Holiday was full of hurt in her life. Nice to see Mercedes back at the front of the line! 🙂


This picture scares the shit out of me, much like Grace Jones does. Xiomara makes use of her signature spread legs here and really takes control of the whole eccentric Grace Jones vibe. I would have eliminated her twice already, but I’m almost glad she stuck around just for this picture!


She nailed the quiet, cool elegance of Hepburn, but her eyes sort of bother me. I feel like she could have been a little softer and still gotten the essence. The pose is perfect, as are the folded hands.


She looks like Tomb Raider Angelina… totally capable of kicking your ass. I love the cocked eyebrow and the braveness of being straight on. I don’t think the pose is as great as it could be, which keeps this picture out of the top 3.


This is more Patti LaBelle than Diana Ross, but it’s not shocking that Camille could pull off the diva look. I don’t like the arms hugging herself… I wish she was doing something ostentatious with them. The peek over the shoulder is hot.


This isn’t baaaad, but you don’t look at it and know who it is either. At least, I don’t. She should be doing that ugly smile/grimace thing that Kidman does and then she would totally nail it. Probably Shandi’s weakest picture.


I feel like this is more the fault of the art director than her, because when does Salma Hayek ever wear flamenco clothes and gaudy earrings? I feel like this is J.Lo in Selena, not Salma Hayek, who is one of the more regal and stunning women working today. She’s not really doing anything interesting with her face, but her pose IS cool… too bad she’s not Hayek-y at all.


Again, another ‘wtf’. She doesn’t channel Catherine Zeta Jones in her skintight black dress with half the boob showing. Try something much more regal and majestic looking, costume people. I feel like she’s just gazing with her jaw clenched… Massive disappointment. I really love April.


The easiest one, and she looks like a drag queen with stiff arms. Let. Down.

Yoanna (3)- 4/1/4/3

Mercedes (3)- 1/5/5/1

Shandi (3.25)- 3/3/1/6

April (4.7)- 2/7/2/8


Sara (5.2)- 5/6/6/4

Catie (5.5)- 8/2/3/9

Jenascia (7.2)- 10/4/8/7

Xiomara (7.2)- 6/11/10/2

Heather- 7.3

Camille (8)- 9/9/9/5

Bethany- 10.5

Anna- 12


Anna- 1

April- 0

Bethany- 0

Camille- 0

Catie- 1

Heather- 0

Jenascia- 0

Mercedes- 0

Sara- 0

Shandi- 0

Xiomara- 2

Yoanna- 0