YAY. As promised, here is the completely superficial look at the contestants of Cycle 1. I didn’t want to post their boring ass promo shots again, so I found a post-show print ad for each of them. If you want to see what they looked like on the show, go back to my week by week post.


Is this from her winning spread? Well, it’s hot, and so is she. It was sort of hard to find a picture of her without her ass showing, which is also lovely, but it’s not really what I’m focusing on. So yes, Adrianne is hot.


This is apparently from Esquire and it’s the only post-show thing she has. She’s really cute and she seems super friendly here. She’s not drop-dead gorgeous but she’s definitely nice-looking.


Well, this one has quite the illustrious post-show career. She had over 400 pictures to choose from, most of which were INSANELY good. Perhaps losing the show isn’t such a bad thing after all. She’s not typically pretty, but she is very attractive in a unique way, which I like a lot. Also, she rocks short hair.


She has no post-show work (NOOOO, WHYYYY?) so I just took the alternate from the Stuff photoshoot she did. I loved Giselle, more than anyone else I know, actually. People are always raving about the top 3, but I thought she was amazing. I wish she would model more!


Well, this isn’t really print work, but she IS one of the models on Deal or No Deal, which should count for something. I loooove her. I think she’s so beautiful and I’m glad to see she had success after being told she looked like a slut by Tyra.


Which brings us to Kesse, who kind of looks like she’s giving someone a back rub while masturbating and also bending over to take it in the butt. She was a cute girl– Definitely a mini-Tyra but a lot of her post-show pictures were sort of bizarrely porny. Glad to see she’s… doing well, I guess.


Well, here’s the puzzling case of Nicole. All of her post-show work is in bikini shots. She has great tits. She never looked this good on the show– She’s a lot softer here than she used to be. But still, the question remains… How was KATIE sluttier than this?!


This is my favorite post-show picture of all time. She looks like she’s trying to be Chocolate Jackie O or something. This is classic. Robin was a pain in the ass, and definitely one of my contenders for most dead-last callouts, but she IS a pretty woman. The suit actually kind of works!


I think she’s hot as hell, and I look at this and see extremely high priced call-girl. But I mean that in a good way. She’d be worth a lot of money. One of the most physically beautiful girls from the cycle, and still pretty now.


Well apparently they all did Stuff Magazine shoots, and i must say that she looks really nice in this picture… much better than the one she was judged on. She’s also really pretty, and I wish she’d done more work after the show.