So, Sara was eliminated for her dancing in Shake Ya Body. In case anyone wanted to see it:

But I dunno why you would. It’s soooo bad.

Anyway, onto the next photo shoot. It was for Solstice Sunglasses in the Colisseum. Not the best photo shoot but…


This is without a doubt the best picture of the week, and probably of the cycle. This is already an ad… all it needs is a logo. I currently am sporting this as my desktop wallpaper. The dress looks amazing, she’s actually wearing the sunglasses, the pose is high fashion. Perfection.


This is nowhere near as striking as Shandi’s picture, but it is good. She does a good job looking kind of pissy/high fashion despite being such a pretty, smiley girl. The dress looks hot on her. The stance is awesome. I wish she’d just worn the sunglasses rather than turning them into a headband.


Of course she turns in a good picture the week she gets eliminated. NATURALLY. The arms look a little dead, but the dress looks great and the angry expression and the wind in her hair are awesome. She’s also got her left foot pointed, which looks really cool.


The whole thing is just a little too casual for me. Her face isn’t really saying anything, the pose is nice, and the dress looks good, but I’m compelled to look at the architecture before her.


How, how my mighty warrior has fallen. The legs are AMAZING. The dress looks good even when she’s lying down. But her face is completely dead. I think Janice said it best when she said ‘It looks like the batteries in your vibrator died’. It’s true! And the left arm is paralyzed. Dammit April. Why must you do such terrible things to me?


Yoanna (3)- 4/1/4/3/5/2/1/4

Mercedes (3.2)- 1/5/5/1/7/3/2/2

Shandi (3.7)- 3/3/1/6/6/5/5/1

April (3.6)- 2/7/2/8/1/1/3/5

Sara- 5

Catie- 5.2

Camille (6.1)- 9/9/9/5/3/7/4/3

Jenascia- 7.2

Heather- 7.3

Xiomara- 7.4

Bethany- 10.5

Anna- 12


Anna- 1

April- 1

Bethany- 0

Camille- 1

Catie- 2

Heather- 0

Jenascia- 0

Mercedes- 0

Sara- 0

Shandi- 0

Xiomara- 3

Yoanna- 0