Tyra: You just like that asssss.

Nigel: I *do*!

Oh Nigel. You dirty bitch. How I will come to loathe you and then love you again as the cycles go on. On with the show… the ladies are totally in the buff and posing with each other… Yoanna/Shandi, Mercedes/April. Y/S took kind of an erotic route and M/A are doing a more sensual thing.

All four of them look hot. Even sleepy looking April. This photoshoot is practically impossible to judge. But, as Tyra would say… I’ve reached a decision.


I love the way she’s leaning into Yoanna, as if she needs her. Her face has so much longing on it and yet, there’s almost this serene glow in her eyes (which are mostly closed, I might add. SALEISHA, TAKE NOTE. YOU CAN CLOSE YOUR EYES AND STILL LOOK HOT). She looks a little hungry, but she’s a model, so I can’t really fault her on that.

Yoanna ^ See above

First of all, her body is hot. You can see this tantalizing little curve that inspired Nigel’s pervy and adorable comment. I love that she almost looks like she’s going to press her lips to Shandi’s shoulder… there’s a really sexy and dominant quality to her despite Shandi being higher up in the picture. Her left hand looks a little glove-like and her eyes don’t have quite as much fire, but seriously… I’m fishing here. She looks amazing.


I must be a perv, because I slightly prefer the erotic quality of Y/S over the sensuality in M/A. Don’t get me wrong… both pictures are great, but the first one is just… a little better. Mercedes is SO beautiful in this picture… she just looks so protective of April and her face has this wonderful, glowing expression. This is NOT a #3 picture, but alas, here it is. In #3. Fuck my life.

April ^

I don’t hate the way she looks at all, upon second glance. I originally thought she looked like she was sleeping. In reality, I think she looks like she’s holding onto Mercedes for protection, and it’s actually really pretty. Janice is right– this one looks like a perfume ad. Again, this shouldn’t be a last call-out, but look at what she’s up against. Pure perfection.

With a heavy heart, we bid April farewell.


Yoanna (2.8)- 4/1/4/3/5/2/1/4/2

Mercedes (3.2)- 1/5/5/1/7/3/2/2/3

Shandi (3.4)- 3/3/1/6/6/5/5/1/1

April (3.6)- 2/7/2/8/1/1/3/5/4

Sara- 5

Catie- 5.2

Camille- 6.1

Jenascia- 7.2

Heather- 7.3

Xiomara- 7.4

Bethany- 10.5

Anna- 12


Anna- 1

April- 2

Bethany- 0

Camille- 1

Catie- 2

Heather- 0

Jenascia- 0

Mercedes- 0

Sara- 0

Shandi- 0

Xiomara- 3

Yoanna- 0