Now, I’ve already posted my raw scores, photos-only standings for the show. This would be my standings using some logic and stuff… Still not based on personality or anything but previous eliminations and stuff, all that jazz:

Week 1- Fresh Look Contacts w/ Body Paint

I think Anna is quite adorable, but it’s hard to eliminate someone other than her for this week… There’s nothing going for her… Bethany’s picture is HIDEOUS, but… yeah. If you can’t do body paint, you probably shouldn’t be on stupid ANTM.

Week 2- Steve Madden Shoes

Xiomara’s picture isn’t good… neither is Camille’s, but Bethany has the worst score overall at this point, and she kind of looks like a pornstar. Pretty gal, sure… but I totally understand this elimination

Week 3- Laundry by Steven Segal-

Two dead-last call-outs in a row for Xiomara? It would suck to say goodbye to her before that HOT Grace Jones picture but two worst photos only the third week into the competition? Not good.

Week 4- Celebrities

I hate Catie’s picture… I don’t love April’s picture, and Camille’s average sucks hard at this point, but she turned it out this week. Heather was pretty mediocre to begin with, so I would have to bid her farewell at this point


This shoot sucks. It sucks SO much. Xiomara is already gone, and the other two in the bottom 3 are Mercedes and Shandi. Like HELL I’m eliminating one of them… they have some of the best pictures at this point, so I can assume that Jenascia would have sucked at posing during this shot. She’s pretty, but she can go now 😉

Week 6- Rollitos

As far as I’m concerned, Camille is really far overdue to hit the road at this point. She got by simply by not sucking the most week after week. She was weird in the commercial, so she can go. Hmph. Oh, and SHE’S A WITCH!

Week ‘7’- Black and White (See the actual post to understand this)

Catie’s picture is soo weirdly baby prostitute, and I think she started off strong but had fallen off by this point… I hate agreeing with the judges so much!!


Just for the sake of being boring, I’d have to say that Sara probably would have under-performed here. April gets my last call-out, but it’s not because the picture sucks… It’s just not as good as the others! I like Sara, but her competition is so strong.

Week 9- Nudies with each other!

It kills me to eliminate April. I mean, seriously… Those nudies are HOT and it sucks to have to eliminate anyone. Score-wise, April is the weakest one which is why I would have to eliminate her. I thought about Mercedes to shake it up but April’s score just kept going down and down (or up and up, you know)… Must. Be. Logical.

(Love youuuu)

Week 10- The High Fashion Thing-

I love Shandi. I really do. I think her makeover is one of the best of all time. And so that’s why, despite Mercedes being adorable and wonderful… I think Shandi should be rewarded for improving SO much, so I bid Mercedes farewell with the heaviest heart yet.


Final 2-

I originally thought Shandi would be my winner, but you can’t take away from Yoanna’s gorgeous pictures, her incredible face… Big transformation or not, Shandi wasn’t quite on her level.

I can’t believe I agreed with the winners for TWO cycles in a row. They clearly aren’t as dumb as I thought. Well, that’s okay… it all goes downhill when stupid Nole Marin joins panel


What a hard logical standing to do. That top 4 is wayyy too hot.

YAY. Cycle 2 is complete… though I’ll be doing the extras throughout Cycle 3 just to break up the monotony.