EDITED (I dunno what I was thinking on some of these)

We move onto Cycle 3, which has some of the hottest Covergirl pictures in ANTM history. I’m almost 100% my order will be significantly different than the judges’ though, which is exciting seeing as how we’ve been so… agreeable for the past two cycles.

The first shoot was for bikinis and everyone posed on what looks like volcanic rock-


This girl starts us off STROOOOOOOONG, and the judges agreed. She is so in tune with her body and her angles already… The face is interesting, her body looks beautiful and also really intense. I love love love it.


What is this ‘She looks two months pregnant’ crap you spout, Janice? I don’t like how the hands are just resting so casually on her legs, but I think the pose is really good otherwise. Her face is similar to Kristi’s only not as ugly, and HER BODY? NOT PREGNANT. STUPID JANICE.


‘I look at myself and I’m like IM FAAAAAAABULOOOOUS’… As you should, my lovely Toccara. This bitch rules, to just attack a bikini photo shoot with her boobs up her chin. She makes it fashion too… The hunched shoulders, the tilted chin. I love her. TOCCARA > WHITNEY (maybe not score-wise but role model wise? UH. YEAH.)


I love this girl and I want her babies. I just noticed that her left leg looks kind of fat, but her face is pretty and yet still very intense. She’s kind of channeling Janice here, which I think is fantastic. I also love her pinky and how it’s sticking out. How incredibly adorable.


It took about 30 stares at this for me to finally appreciate it. She totally looks like she’s imitating a bird here, but… I love it. I also think her legs are to die for, and she sticks her tits out but still looks really pretty.


Just forget anything I said previously about this picture. She’s fiiierce here.


I don’t know what the judges were smoking when they called this so late in the game. So her pose isn’t all contorted and bent up… So? Neither is Yaya’s… Neither is Nicole’s… I wish it was a straight-on picture just because her eyes are SO amazing, but her body looks hot, and I like the turned in legs.


I really missed the memo on this picture, apparently. Welcome to round one of Overration by the Judges. The pose is hot, definitely… BUT THE FACE?! She looks like she’s got snaggle tooth upon snaggle tooth… just a ridiculous facial expression.


As the April Steve Madden incident would prove from Cycle 2… I cannot stand it when I can’t see eyes in pictures. THAT’S THE MONEY, BABY. I think her stomach looks nice, and the pose is pretty elementary. I don’t think this was elimination worthy at all, but it’s not very good either.


The pose is boring, but at least it’s not ugly. Well, we’d better get used to it… Ann is pretty boring but not ugly for um… the entire show.


Girl, this is NOT a good start. Her body almost looks like it has these weird paunchy sides… her pose is lacking any kind of elegance whatsoever. Probably one of the worst premiere shots from a winner, for me anyway.


These last three shots confuse the hell out of me. What is the point of a swimsuit ad if you’re just going to cover the whole thing up? Her lovely skin saves this, because her pissed off expression, chopped up legs and arm-cock make this terriiiiblllee.


Good lordy… This picture is baaad. Her mouth is so tense. Her left leg looks like it’s going to just fold, the right leg is all awkwardly stuck out… And she’s not showing any swimsuit. WTF NORELLE?!


There is no way around it… This picture is baaaaaaaaad. Her facial expression is like ‘I’m about to fart’ and her legs are a mess. This poor girl was in over her head before it even started 😦

The judges eliminated two girls, but I think that’s stupid… This is their first photo-shoot and too many people actually sucked for it to really be fair. So, only Magdalena gets an elimination.


Yaya- 1

Cassie- 2

Toccara- 3

Nicole- 4

Julie- 5

Jennipher- 6

Amanda- 7

Kristi- 8

Leah- 9

Ann- 10

Eva- 11

Kelle- 12

Norelle- 13

Magdalena- 14


Amanda- 0

Ann- 0

Cassie- 0

Eva- 0

Jennipher- 0

Julie- 0

Kelle- 0

Kristi- 0

Leah- 0


Nicole- 0

Norelle- 0

Toccara- 0

Yaya- 0

Shitty start, no!?