I thought this post was going to be super easy… Until I realized that basically everyone looks really gorgeous in a retouched beauty shot. So, I got this brilliant idea and decided to feature both the retouched and un-retouched photos. Two separate scores. Two eliminations from me. Just to be unique and interesting. And because I really love Amanda.

Retouched Pictures:


I don’t care if anyone thinks I have a bias because of my name… This picture is flawless. Her eyes are telling a story but she still looks mysterious, and the right hand is elegant.


She looks pretty, she looks confident and she looks sexy. I love the little smirk on her face and the placement of both hands. Another stunning picture.


Nigel said it was boring, but I disagree. She looks playful and sexy, but not in an over the top kind of way. Her hand kind of looks like she’s saying ‘Who me?’


She looks SO beautiful in this picture… She really knows what angles make her face look good, and the hands are so interesting– they draw emphasis to her lips. Gorgeous shot.


I love the pouf of hair that frames her face which is so innocent and soft in this picture. She looks like a regal princess in the first picture, but she looks like a saint or something here.


I was never a big fan of her makeover (the weird, chunky hair never did it for me), but she works it out here by cocking her left eyebrow only slightly and then cupping her face in her hands. She just looks really gorgeous.


I have always thought this picture was lovely… I think she looks playful and spunky. I love the way her hair cascades over one shoulder– It almost looks like a black t-shirt or something. I can understand why the judges were all pissed at her and sent her home, but her picture isn’t the worst. Not even close.


So the judges were on her case for being boring… I agree that it’s not the most interesting picture but it’s not like she’s just staring blankly at something. There’s a smile in her eyes… I wish her hair was down– I think it would frame her face and not draw so much attention to the hands, which are a little strange.


Can I just mention that I spell her name ‘Jennifer’ EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I think this is actually very pretty, but it actually is boring. She looks like she might fall asleep any minute… There’s no depth in her eyes. Just a pretty face.


I did not realize what a rough start this chick had. She is Cycle 3’s Dominique or something. Obviously her face looks good (It’s a beauty shot… doyyy) but I feel like the only reason this garners so much praise? The eye color. Not what’s behind the eyes– there’s nothing there! Also, there are shadows of hands which reminds me of an orgy for some reason and makes me feel that people are groping her or something.


I don’t get her. I really don’t. Her hand looks like a glove. She looks like she’s about to blink. Her mouth has like, a massive overbite or something. It’s not completely hideous (like, it won’t be on any bottom 10 of the cycle lists) but there are so many things that are just OBVIOUSLY wrong with it. Blech.


It’s not that bad. Janice was such a cunt to Kelle– I mean sure, she looks a little surprised, but I think she’s so gorgeous in person that you’re willing to look past the kind of squishy looking mouth and notice her skin and her eyes (which are pretty dead, I’ll admit).

So, there’s that. Then there’s the un retouched photos, which are the same poses, but sans makeup. I’m judging them based on how good they look without makeup, not the pose and the stuff I judged above. Sorry if the quality is bad– they’re screen shots.


She honestly looks better without makeup. Stunning.


Like the judges said… barely anything changed. The only reason she doesn’t get double #1s is because I can see the tiniest bags under her eyes and nothing under Cassie’s.


Very slight bags, but nothing that detracts from the beauty at all.


She is completely gorgeous… There are just some slight bags under her eyes and that’s it.

There are very few bags but they age her considerably… She loses her youth just from the undereye circles. Not completely detrimental, seeing as how she still has really nice skin.


Ugly ass pose or not… she still looks about the same in the face.


She has bags, but they’re not heinous. One really impressive thing about her is how defined her eyes are, despite having no eyeliner on them. My best friend in middle school was Indian and she insisted on tons of eyeliner to emphasize her eyes, but Julie looks fine without it.


She looks SOOOO tired and she has more underye circles than anyone so far. On the bright side, she doesn’t have a single blemish or imperfection in terms of her complexion. Bitch.


I felt kind of bad rating this so low at first until I stared at it a little more and decided that it wouldn’t really shock me if she just sprouted a pouf of gray hair and aged about 45 years. She just looks OLD, with all her undereye circles.


Her skin isn’t THAT bad, but I have to put her this low because yes, I can see dark undereye circles and yes, I can see blemishes on her forehead. But jeez, the judges acted like she has chronic cystic acne. Calm down. Take a break. Eat a cookie.


Isn’t she supposed to be like 18? She has this almost greasy look about her… all haggard and slick. Plus, her undereye circles are practically a road map… a hideous, hideous road map.


Okay, so this is pretty bad. She’s very shiny, but not in a healthy, fresh kind of way… She’s got facial imperfections every where. BUT RATHER THAN TORTURE THE PURE GIRL, JUST SEND HER HOME. FUCKING JANICE.


Cassie (2)- 2/3/1

Nicole (3)- 4/2/3

Amanda (3.3)- 7/1/2

Toccara (5)- 3/4/8

Yaya (5.3)- 1/5/10

Julie (6.3)- 5/7/7

Jennipher (6.6)- 6/9/5

Ann (7.3)- 10/8/4

Kristi (8.3)- 8/11/6

Eva (8.6)- 11/6/9

Leah- 9

Norelle (11.3)- 13/10/11

Kelle (12)- 12/12/12

Magdalena- 14


Amanda- 0

Ann- 0

Cassie- 0

Eva- 0

Jennipher- 0

Julie- 0

Kelle- 2

Kristi- 0

Leah- 0


Nicole- 0

Norelle- 0

Toccara- 0

Yaya- 0