Here is the promised cycle 2 bonus post with post-show work and then me superficially sizing each person up. I rule.

(Alphabetical order)


Anna apparently scored exactly ONE shot for Erin London, which is a plus-size ladies apparel company. I’m happy for her, because I thought she was pretty adorable on the show and I was sad that she was uncomfortable with the nude shoot.


Oh April… my almost lover. You are so gorgeous, both on the show and afterwards. I’m glad to see she’s successful… She did some TV corresponding, I believe (Didn’t she appear on ANTM some time wayyy later?) and she’s also done about 60 or so prints with Marie Claire and Skinny Bitch Swimwear, most notably.


Resident smurf porner Bethany doesn’t appear to have done any print work, but she has around 30 test shots of herself… some in bikinis and stuff, but some other lovely glamorous ones like the one above! She was pretty, but not right for this competition… very sexy, which Tyra obviously weeds out ASAP.


Camille looks sort of drag in this ad for Smooth Magazine, but I actually think she’s really gorgeous. She was on Top Model Exposed (which aired on the CW after Cycle 9 ended) and she looked amazing. She hasn’t really been busy, but she did score about 10 various prints.


Well, she looks NOTHING like herself in this picture… She was decidedly rat-like on the show, especially once they cut her hair short, but she looks really nice in this shot! She doesn’t have any print to her credit, but there are about 60 test and misc. shots for her on All-ANTM.


Heather has done absolutely NOTHING since the show… no test shots, no print… NADA. So, here’s one of her ANTM pictures. What a little cutie pie. I wish she would at least do like… soap operas or something.


This is SO hot… It looks like every man’s fantasy… seeing their girlfriend dressed in a Gap tank top and staring seductively at them. Jenascia was one of my favorites, appearance wise, on the show but she hasn’t done much since it ended– two test shots to her credit.


What a fox! I am a sucker for the poufy haired girls (I have a huge crush on C5’s Nik) and I am thrilled to see that Mercedes has been successful… She appears to have done a huge amount of print work for Rachel Pally as well as other catalog shoots, and some high end work (the second picture is for Halston!)


Without a doubt, one of the more shocking post-show careers. Sara has about 70 print shots to her name, but the one above is one of the only ones that isn’t in a bikini, topless or in a sexy pose. I mean, daaayum girl! She was the one who said ‘My dad thinks modeling is prostitution’… and the kind that she’s doing? well, it’s understandable why Daddy would think that!


I think everyone is a little disappointed by Shandi’s post show career… She did about 10 print ads, a slurry of tests and then… went back to her old life. She chopped her hair off, dyed it black and got a bunch of tattoos. I think she could have been really succesful, so I’m bummed that she didn’t do more.


This picture was apparently featured in the New York Post Latino Issue… I never was a big fan of Xiomara’s, but she looks pretty in this picture. Her post-show career has been very small… about 10 pictures (print and tests) altogether.


The stunning winner has actually done very little in terms of print… Most of her pictures are from her spread in Jane and promos from the show she hosted, ‘The Look for Less’. She obviously is gorgeous, so I’m glad she went the route of TV where she could gain some more exposure.