This week’s photoshoot involved basically playing two parts… Most of the girls kind of resembled themselves in the ‘plain’ shots and then they played a doppelganger, so that’s what the shoot has been renamed. In reality, this is what they were supposed to be emulating (I don’t really take it into account because any of the suckage is the fault of the cunt stylists, not the girls)

Amanda- Vulnerable Woman/Cat Woman

Ann- Rich Girl/Darkness

Cassie- Sweet Girl/Knightress

Eva- Boy/Diva

Nicole- Society Queen/Dominatrix

Norelle- Upscale Woman/Amazonian Woman

Toccara- Servant/Noblewoman

Yaya- Girl/Ghost

Yeah, okay… Also, just thought I’d point out that Janice was at her most bitchy this week! She said Toccara should lose 150 pounds. Go suck a heroin stick, Janice.


Well, well, well. Look who is FINALLY at the top. About friggin time too… seeing as how she’s the eventual WINNER of the cycle. Everything about this is gorgeous. She looks sexy as a ‘boy’, she looks sexy as the diva perched on the car and yet none of it looks like she’s trying too hard.


I actually don’t love her face in the first closeup, but there are so many other GOOD things going on… I love that her pinkies are hooked together where the hands meet in the middle! I love how she has her head down a little bit but still manages to look really cool in the ‘darkness’ shot. I love the energy in both poses. WELL DONE, ANN! NO ELIMINATION FOR YOU THIS WEEK!


I think this is pretty awesome all around. The judges said her plain Jane picture was a mess, but I don’t agree. I love her pose, and the ‘Wtf” look she’s giving her diva side. And as for the diva side… Fierce. Another sexy pose, and another great facial expression.


I think the criticism of this was pretty bullshit. I think it just set Tyra up to eliminate Nicole two weeks later for ‘not being memorable’. Yeah, the plain picture is lacking (She looks cute as hell, but she’s not really DOING anything), but the diva one is really cool… the body is screaming intensity and she looks pretty even without her hair!


This picture is actually kind of funny to me. Her plain one is like ‘Whoa!’ but the diva one is actually… really cool. She’s supposed to be a ghost, and the effect is really cool. I like that her eyes are mostly closed but there’s still a lot of energy coming from them. She’s pretty enough to pull it off, but it’s nothing special.


I originally had this second to last because I think the plain one kind of sucks… I mean, she’s really doing nothing special there. The glam one, however, is LOVELY. The energy in the hand, the sexy expression– really, really gorgeous.


I LOVE the plain one… I think it’s really pretty and sexy, but the second one is DEAD. She’s literally just staring all angrily and the pose really isn’t that interesting either. Boo, Amanda. You don’t belong here!


This feels like an on-screen breakdown for me. She started way at the top and now she’s in last place. How depressing. It’s not that there’s anything ugly going in… but the whole thing is just boring. I like the stuck out bum in the glam shot, but both faces are just kind of bland and altogether too relaxed looking. All she needed was a little intensity to tip this over Amanda’s. FAREWELL, SWEET CASSIE.

Nicole (2.8)- 4/2/3/3/1/3/4

Amanda (4.1)- 7/1/2/8/2/2/7

Cassie (4.4)- 2/3/1/4/7/6/8

Yaya (4.8)- 1/5/10/6/3/4/5

Ann (5.7)- 10/8/4/2/6/8/2

Eva (5.8)- 11/6/9/5/4/5/1

Norelle (6.2)- 13/10/11/1/5/1/3

Julie- 6.3

Toccara (6.4)- 3/4/8/7/9/8/6

Jennipher- 7.8

Kristi- 8.5

Leah- 9

Kelle- 10.3

Magdalena- 14


Amanda- 0

Ann- 1

Cassie- 1

Eva- 0

Jennipher- 1

Julie- 0

Kelle- 3

Kristi- 1

Leah- 0


Nicole- 0

Norelle- 0

Toccara- 0