Final five. The girls had to pose with T-Mobile phones wearing Japanese kimonos and, I guess, emulating the Japanese style of grace and poise and stuff. As is typical, the first two are great, and the rest are all different levels of meh.


This is one of those instances where her stare works in her favor. Her eyes are fixed on something, but they’re alive and intense, and it perfectly embodies the sort of stoic nature of a Geisha. Her body is flawless as well… Long and extended, shows off the kimono. To die for.


Her face doesn’t wow me, but her body is the best of the bunch. I like that she’s got her feet in invisible high heels, which makes her obviously taller (seeing as how she’s only 5’6!) and her hands, which look very graceful. You notice the kimono, despite her standing there in her skivvies, and you notice the phone. Pretty stellar stuff.


I like this because her face looks like a Japanese anime character. Her eyes are exaggerated, her mouth looks tiny… It really works for me. Also, the kimono looks gorgeous. There isn’t as much grace as the above two, but the face is really unique and awesome.


She looks like she has back problems– Her weight is on her left leg as if she can’t stand properly, and the face is pretty dead… Like ‘Oh, I’ve never seen a phone before and zzzz’. Narcolepsy, maybe? I love her boobs though and at least the extension of the body sort of shows off a Japanese stance of grace.


Ann isn’t so much Geisha as she is Walk Like an Egyptian, and her face truly bewilders me. Are her eyes even open? Why does she have a death grip on the phone? WHAT IS GOING ON? Was this really her best shot?!

But of course, being the judges of never-ending intelligence, they eliminated Norelle. Sigh.

Nicole- 2.8

Amanda (3.6)- 7/1/2/8/2/2/7/4/2/1

Cassie- 4.4

Yaya (4.5)- 1/5/10/6/3/4/5/2/5/4

Eva (4.8)- 11/6/9/5/4/5/1/1/4/2

Ann (5.1)- 10/8/4/2/6/8/2/5/1/5

Norelle (5.9)- 13/10/11/1/5/1/3/6/6/3

Julie- 6.3

Toccara (6.5)- 3/4/8/7/9/8/6/7

Jennipher- 7.8

Kristi- 8.5

Leah- 9

Kelle- 10.3

Magdalena- 14


Amanda- 0

Ann- 2

Cassie- 1

Eva- 0

Jennipher- 1

Julie- 0

Kelle- 3

Kristi- 1

Leah- 0


Nicole- 0 (bullshitbullshitbullshit)

Norelle- 1

Toccara- 1