This photoshoot, despite only having 4 pictures (8, if you count the closeups), was extremely hard for me, mostly because I don’t really love any of the pictures. The styling is really good, but none of the girls wowed me with their pictures.

But… let’s give it a go anyway.


I like this one because I think it looks like a real ad… Slap a logo on that and it’s some funky, Aryan/Japanese anime campaign. I like that she stared straight on and kind of gave that blank stare that a lot of anime cartoons give. Lastly, I like that she actually had the balls to sit on the bike and extend her legs. A lot gutsier than the other poses.


I actually LIKE her face– I think she kind of looks like a doll, but it isn’t confident or striking enough to warrant a top 2 call-out. If she’d extended her legs, or done something a little different with her face, this could possibly be my favorite… She’s pretty enough to make it work, but it’s not great.


Her face doesn’t really shine through the makeup… I think she would have looked more powerful from straight on, but despite the missing left leg, I really like the position her body is in. There’s a confidence in this picture that Ann’s photo lacks.


THIS WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN… EVER. I love Yaya and I don’t like the idea of her getting any eliminations… But this picture is a mess! She looks like she’s mentally challenged– The ajar mouth… And the body sucks too! Her thighs look huge, her left arm is grasping at nothing.


The judges eliminated Ann… and it was definitely her time to go. I mean, her picture isn’t too bad but she was lightyears behind the remaining three in terms of her overall pictures.


Nicole- 2.8

Amanda (3.3)- 7/1/2/8/2/2/7/4/2/1/1

Yaya (4.4)- 1/5/10/6/3/4/5/2/5/4/4

Cassie- 4.4

Eva (4.6)- 11/6/9/5/4/5/1/1/4/2/3

Ann (4.8)- 10/8/4/2/6/8/2/5/1/5/2

Norelle – 5.9

Julie- 6.3

Toccara (6.5)- 3/4/8/7/9/8/6/7

Jennipher- 7.8

Kristi- 8.5

Leah- 9

Kelle- 10.3

Magdalena- 14


Amanda- 0

Ann- 2

Cassie- 1

Eva- 0

Jennipher- 1

Julie- 0

Kelle- 3

Kristi- 1

Leah- 0


Nicole- 0 (bullshitbullshitbullshit)

Norelle- 1

Toccara- 1

Yaya- 1