The first cycle of Amanda’s Next Top Model has started on Youtube… I’ll be covering each ‘week’ on here with all the photos and call-out averages while covering Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3.

The Contestants

April Wilkner- aTnTtMmL
Marjorie Conrad- bunica1990
Nicole Borud- Misslucy000
Brittany Brower- antmwonderland
Nik Pace- MokitoLonai99
Joanie Dodds- 21yOsUrEsH
Melrose Bickerstaff- cr0ations
Jenah Doucette- Cherufama17
Anya Rozova- antmmaster
McKey Sullivan- TwinStarss
Brittany Hatch- 8MissFashion8
Dani Evans- koyamagen
Lisa D’Amato- kevineber
Kahlen Rondot- topmodelfan51

Good luck everyone!