I’ll be posting the Youtube link in an entry tonight, along with the photos in the order they were called out.

Consider this the pre-show! This cycle’s contestants are some of my Top Model favorites, which makes elimination practically impossible-

(Ages and locations are at the time of the contestants respective cycle)

Jenah Doucette- The 18 year old from Farmington, CT who believed in herself despite not ‘spewing rainbows incessantly’.

Nicole Borud- The 21 year old fiery redhead from Minot, North Dakota who was unfairly eliminated for ‘not being memorable’

Melrose Bickerstaff- The 23 year old ambition craving runner up from San Francisco, California who was unfairly understood by the girls from her cycle, but embraced by the judges for her excellent photos.

Brittany Hatch- The 21 year old teary eyed contestant who struggled with her weave from Savannah Georgia.

Marjorie Conrad, the 19 year old French jitterbug with the signature concave back from San Francisco, CA.

Cycle 11’s winner McKey Sullivan, the 19 year old with the gorgeous, fresh face from Lake Forest, Illinois.

Brittany Brower, the 22 year old party animal with a personality bigger than her hometown of Tallahassee, Florida.

Kahlen Rondot, the 20 year old Carmen Kass lookalike runner up from  Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

April Wilkner, the 23 year old Asian-American with the gorgeous body from Miami Beach, Florida.

Lisa D’Amato, the 24 year old wino with the crazy antics from Los Angeles, California.

Nik Pace, the 21 year Atlanta Georgia native with the big pouf of hair.

Danielle Evans, the 20 year old Cycle 6 winner with the famous Southern drawl and the gap in her teeth from Little Rock, Arkansas.

Joanie Dodds, the 24 year old ex cage dancer from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania who made us all cringe with her vicious orthodontic procedure.

Anya Rozova, the spacey but loveable 18 year old from Honolulu, Hawaii.

WHO WILL BE AMANDA’S NEXT TOP MODEL? Stay tuned for episode 1.