This is special… I’m just going to review the girls, starting with who I think is most likely to go home and then up to the winner.

First Eliminated- Natalie

I just think she looks tired and boring in this picture. Of course, this changes entirely if she has a Natasha accent.

Possible Makeover- Chopped off boyish haircut.

Second Elimination- Tahlia-

I think everyone’s being really unfair to her… She has nice legs, and we could all be underestimating the power of an Ambreal-like personality/sad story (she supposedly has burn scars all over her body). I think, maybe not just for those reasons, that she’ll at least live to see week 2.

Possible makeover- I dunno, I saw her without her curls and I think she’s much cuter with them.

Third Elimination- Jessica-

She’s hot as hell, which means that she’ll be accused of being too porny, too pretty or too safe. I also just noticed how boxy her face is. Maybe she’s not as hot as I originally thought.

Possible makeover- No change in length, dyed auburn.

Fourth Elimination- Aminat

As Rich said… It’s not Aminat, and more Amidanielle. With a huge fro. She’ll definitely make it to makeovers and then weep uncontrollably when they shave her head. I just don’t think she’s as striking as her fellow black competitors.

Obvious makeover- Shave off the ‘fro.

Fifth Elimination- London-

I’m calling it now… this girl goes the way of C10’s Aimee, or C11’s Lauren Brie… a fan favorite who is eliminated way early in the competition. I guess it’s fair to say that I am NOT on team London… She looks about 5 feet tall, which is not good. Her elimination will probably be something about ‘not overcompensating for her height’.

Possible makeover- Shorter, chic, angled thing that is aggressively straightened.

Sixth Elimination- Teyona-

I’m getting a ‘boring’ vibe, so she’ll probably be lost in the mix for not showing any personality. Also, she looks like too many other past contestants (I see some Kelle, some Keenyah, and even some Tyra in the eyes)

Possible makeover- I really have no idea.

Seventh Elimination- Celia

Consider me officially converted. It appears she’s going to be completely unremarkable looking to everyone for all of pre-show stuff, and then she’ll just be awesome. She has really big, sunken eyes that are very fashion forward these days. If they do it like C11, I see her getting the boot before the overseas location because she doesn’t seem like a ‘commercial girl’.

Possible makeover- A warmer, honey blonde wavy weave. Either that or she goes platinum.

Eighth Elimination- Isabella-

Another girl that I just don’t ‘get’. She looks very top heavy, and nothing about her face sticks out. People are comparing her to Kahlen, but Kahlen had a very little, delicate body and this girl… doesn’t. I heard she goes overseas though (Not that that’s reliable), so I’m putting her in the last place of the overseas girls. Hopefully she proves me wrong, or hopefully I’m wrong about this spoiler.

Possible makeover- Either she or Celia are going platinum blonde. Anything to edge this girl out.

Ninth Elimination- Kortnie-

Well, it’s been confirmed. She IS the plus-size girl of the competition, so that will probably do her some favors, seeing as how TyTy is still on her KISS MY FAT ASS crusade. Needless to say… this bitch is HOT. I bet her pictures will suck hard though, but she’ll be a huge bitch and be kept around for the sake of keeping things interesting. Please god, let me be right.

Possible makeover- I dunno. Part of me thinks they’ll keep her long, but make her curly… Another part could see her getting a drastic short chop and light color.

Tenth Elimination- Nijah-

She is to Sandra as Furonda was to Danielle. Gorgeous girl, but will probably not have the edge that Sandra has.

Possible makeover- Waist length black weave.

TOP THREE (In the order of their placement)


She’ll fit in nicely with a rehash of Cycle 5’s rainbow of Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramel… I can see her going the way of Analeigh and being simply adored by fans, and then given the boot by the judges. Also, does she look a little short to anyone? She probably has the prettiest face of all the girls, but I just think she’ll falter at the end when it counts the most. She’s my favorite though.

Possible makeover- She has that racial ambiguity bullshit Tyra used on Elina last cycle, so I’m expecting huge, poufy ass curls.


I will be seriously pissed if this girl doesn’t at least make it overseas. She has such a waif-like face, but that stance is friggin’ confident as hell. Bitch is fierce. She will probably take better pictures than anyone else in the top 3 (See: Anya. Nik. Melrose. Most of the 2nd place girls) and have a great walk, but lose because she is white. Not being racist, but the black girls in this cycle are hot as hell.

Makeover- I haven’t the foggiest idea. I’m betting on short hair to emphasize her ‘great face’.


I think it’s silly to not predict a black woman for the top 3… With three absolutely stunning black women in the running? It’s gotta happen. Sandra is tall… She’s not even wearing heels and she looks 6 feet tall. Plus, she reminds me of Nnenna, only without all the Africa baggage. She’s stunning. I am totally rooting for this bitch.

Possible makeover- If Aminat gets eliminated before makeovers, Sandra is definitely going bald. Either way, she’s getting a haircut.

Some new thoughts- I saw a few more promo pictures (haven’t really explored the pre-show work) and saw the first episode preview… London fucking repulses me. She’s some stupid hipster modelling for Jesus. OH, AND SHE’S SHORT. First out, PLEASE. Unfortunately, she’ll probably make it overseas, since they were all logical and stuff last cycle. Teyona photographs way better than Sandra IN THE PICTURES I’VE SEEN, so maybe I’ve got our chocolate sistas all mixed up. I think Aminat is fierce, so I’m hoping I’m wrong about her fro getting shaved off. Also, Celia is adorable, and Tahlia is prettier than she looks in this picture.