If I was judging the cycle 10 girls based on just the promo pictures (like I did with the cycle 12 girls)… here’s what the order may have looked like. Starting with the first eliminated-


She looks like a drag impersonator of Donna Summer or something. Like, with a duck face. And wearing a hooker’s leftovers. Buh bye.


Resting on pretty, resting on pretty OMG BORING, GTFO.


Altogether too hipster-cool looking in this picture… Not unlike Cycle 12’s resident garbage dump London. (I see no sign of the awesome bag of rags we got on the show, and without it, she’s kind of meh.)

She has really pointy boobs in this picture. Basically, I think that all the weirdness will disappear after a poor critique and she’d be nothing but a snorefest.


Pretty but a little safe-looking… Like, I dunno if she can break out of the mall-look and I really don’t think she compares to Fatima.


She’s probably a hippie wild child with no focus. Standing bowlegged… It just gives it away. Nice body though.


There’s always someone that’s really good that goes too early, and it’ll be her for being too sexy and not model-y enough.


She’ll just suck at doing a commercial. Probably.


Let me explain myself here… She has a kickin’ bod, first of all, and maybe with a little more eyeliner, she’d be smoking hot. Also, she’s a comeback girl. Obviously she can’t win because Jaslene was a comeback girl and she won, and everyone would figure ‘hell, all I have to do to win this stupid show is suck the first time and then come back the next cycle!’… but she’ll make it overseas because of her connection to cycle 9.


She’s pretty and she’s the ‘plussie’ of the group… but I don’t think Tyra is ready just yet to give it to the plus-size girl. The photoshoots are always ridiculously in favor of the skinny bitches, so Whitney will fare a little better than the typical placement of the plus size girl, and this will be enough to convince Tyra that she made a statement to the fashion industry.


She’s like a waifish Gemma Ward-esque little thing who will probably get axed due to being too cute while the other girls are ‘strong’… or something.


In a word… stunning! Everything about this bitch screams ‘attitude. The bent foot, the cocked eyebrow… She’s in it for the Jade title and she’s going to place exactly where Jade placed… almost on top.


Jesus, this bitch is hot… we just need to get her knee highs off and then she’s stylish (sort of) too. She looks like Jaslene only with more estrogen…

Winner- FATIMA-

Even with a hideous orange hairdo, you can tell she’s hot. Her skin glows, and she has a sob story… That’s like a miracle to undo the mistake known as Saleisha- A tall, leggy black woman who is a SURVIVOR. Plus, she completes the trifecta of ‘chocolate, vanilla and caramel’ for a top 3. Happens all the time.