Before next week’s episode, I’m going to make a few speculations… I’ve already read spoilers on makeovers, so I won’t factor those in… All we saw on the preview was Fo tweaking balls about something, and Kortnie (?) not seeming too happy about a haircut.


Girl Most Likely to Love a Heinous Makeover- London

Girl Most Likely to Have a Makeover Meltdown- Well, it’s cheating but… Fo.

Girl Most Likely to Benefit from an Edgy Makeover- Natalie (Maybe people will actually remember her)

Girl With the Makeover I’m Dreading- Aminat… I’m so afraid that she’ll lose her ‘fro and lose her sparkle.

Elimination Predictions:

It’s pretty easy to see which girls actually have model potential and which don’t, even at an early point in the cycle… but Tyra has pulled stupid shit before. 

 Allison- Very Unlikely

She got first call-out last week and a first week first call-out has never been eliminated in week 2. I think the judges are very interested to see more from her. If you’ve read spoilers, then you know that our creepychan is going nowhere 😉


 Teyona- Very Unlikely

The judges coined a friggin’ term for her… ‘Wind in the face’. It’s almost 100% certain that she is in a spoiler photo, and she has a unique look… Great skin, a nice attitude, and she’s physically strong.


 Fo- Unlikely

She did get a critique about being short, but if she rocks a makeover after a meltdown, she can have an Elina like week and get first call-out. It doesn’t hurt that she got second call-out.

Celia- Unlikely

She is the oldest one, but she looks fresh-faced… She has a knowledge of fashion and a maturity that most of the others don’t seem to have. Again, if you’ve seen spoilers, you know that she’s not going anywhere… But she might be closer to the bottom than the top, so that’s why she’s not under ‘very’

Sandra- Unlikely

Yes, she’s a psychotic, mean bitch… But they aren’t getting rid of someone who is so entirely giftwrapped for CW just yet. Plus, Tyra loves her bones, and we know that bones make it further than say… a resting on pretty type (See Gina from Cycle 6)

Aminat- Someone Unlikely

She has the best walk, and I think she’s the hottest of the black women, but the judges ALREADY called her ‘one-note’ on the first episode. If she gives the same look, she’ll be even closer to the chopping block. I have faith in her though.

London- Somewhat Unlikely

She got a knock from Nigel about her proportions, which means that she won’t win or anything, but I don’t see her getting axed after makeovers… She’s cute enough facially to make it a few more weeks.

Nijah- Somewhat Likely

She’s cute, and she had a good picture, but she’s the least memorable of the black contestants. She’s got a sweet personality, which unfortunately on this show isn’t always a good thing. Hopefully she can do something that makes her memorable.

Kortnie- Somewhat Likely

She’s going to have to work her body far better than she did in episode 1. She’s pretty, but the plus-size winner quota has already been filled by Cycle 10’s Whitney… Plus, Kortnie isn’t a legit plus-size model. I think she’s strong enough to continue on, but she’s not safe.

Natalie- Somewhat Likely

She was given a ‘Wait… Who?’ edit, which is sort of a bad sign. It could also work in her favor though… Lauren Brie was sort of a ‘Who?’ and then she gave the best picture of Week 2. Katarzyna was constantly given the boring edit and she ended up being one of the strongest contestants of Cycle 10. 

Jessica- Very Likely

Her photo barely scraped past the bottom 2 last week, and she’s going to be targeted for resting on beauty. They don’t usually eliminate on that the first time that it’s mentioned, but some of the week 2 eliminees have been visually stunning- Cycle 1’s Katie, Cycle 3’s Julie, Cycle 8’s Samantha, Cycle 9’s Kimberly, etc.

Tahlia- Very Likely

While I’m sure Tyra would like to keep Tahlia around longer and raise her hopes that she’ll actually be a model… I just don’t think she will. She reminds me of Cycle 6’s Wendy… A sob story that just isn’t strong enough for this competition. The only thing keeping Tahlia in this competition is her burns, but she isn’t confident enough to do anything special in spite of them. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was gone next.