So, everyone is bitching about how Cycle 12’s first photoshoot was one of the worst in the History. Of. America’s. Next. Top. Mod. El. I’m inclined to agree. So, I decided that I should compare them all to each other… Basically, I’ll judge how the girls worked it from day 1. From best to worst-

Cycle 2- Garden of Eden Nude Body Paint Shoots for Fresh Look Contacts:

Best Photo- Mercedes

A great first shoot… High fashion posing, eliminated those who weren’t willing to be versatile as models (Anna), awesome styling… Almost everyone nailed it.

Cycle 6- Bald

Best Photo- Nnenna

A great way to show off who had a great face, right off the bat. All of the most beautiful parts of each girl were emphasized to the max. In addition to Nnenna… Danielle, Joanie, Sara, Mollie Sue and Leslie were all excellent too.

Cycle 9- Glam/Effects of Smoking

Best Photo- Lisa

There were a few flubs (Ebony, Bianca, Mila), but most of the girls looked really sexy in at least one of the shots. Even Saleisha worked it in this shoot! 🙂

Cycle 10- Homeless

Best Photo- Anya

The crusade about Tyra understanding homelessness was retarded, and the photoshoot itself was perhaps a little tasteless… but the finished product was strong. The pictures look like those of intelligent models… even the one from ‘I’m not interested in fashion’ Kimberly.

Cycle 4- Aliens in Manhattan

Best Photo- Rebecca

I like the concept of the photo… It actually looks like something you’d see in a high fashion magazine, but there were too many girls who clearly weren’t comfortable yet… Most of the bodies were good, but lots of the faces were lacking.

Cycle 5- Superheroes

Best Photo- Nik

The photoshoot is sort of a stupid concept… And the results were pretty middling. The good was great, but so many were mediocre. A lot of girls didn’t seem able to control their bodies and faces.

Cycle 11- Voting is Sexy

Best Photo- Marjorie

Basically, this photoshoot produced a small number of lovely pictures (Marjorie, Elina, Joslyn, McKey, Isis) and a lot of mediocre to crappy pictures. The lovely were LOVELY though.

Cycle 7- Model Stereotypes

Best Photo- Michelle

This photoshoot is…. pretty crappy. The twins were in a league of their own for this one. People like Monique and Jaeda looked absolutely terrible. I actually think it was an interesting idea, but not great overall.

Cycle 1- J. Lo Swimwear

Best Photo- Giselle

This was a pretty standard and boring bikini photoshoot. The reason I rank it so low is because the top 3, generally regarded as strong contestants like… REALLY sucked hard on this. Shannon’s picture is crappy… Adrianne’s is meh… Elyse’s is meh. It’s so annoying when the early girls suck hard.

Cycle 8- Controversial Issues

Best Photo- Jaslene

That picture is insane… One of the best of the cycle, but none of the others were even in the same league except MAYBE Hatch’s. Everyone else was a big sack of ‘meh’, despite getting Nigel as a photographer right off the bat.

Cycle 3- Lingerie in Jamaica

Best Photo- Yaya

Who knew how hard some friggin bikinis were? I honestly don’t love any of them except for Yaya’s… and some of them are downright shitty.

Cycle 12- Childhood Games

Best Photo- Fo

I hate them. I totally agree with all the sentiments about the photoshoot being crap. Fo looks cute, but most of them are totally terrible. Hopefully our photoshoots improve or I will probably bash my head against something soon.