I did one of these last week, and I don’t really think much has changed, but it’s fun to post those weird hued photoshopped pictures anyway. I’ll also do my updated predictions, just for the fun of it. Please note that even though I read spoilers, I tried to do this based on logic and not on what I already know.

Here are some random superlative predictions:

Girl queued up to give a great picture and change the minds of the judges- Aminat

Girl who is going to seriously over-stay her welcome- Tahlia

Girl gearing up for a redemption edit, but not soon enough- Sandra

Okay, onto the next elimination speculation:

Teyona- Very Unlikely

She got first call-out last week, which generally cements your stay for at least two more judging panels. Exceptions include C7’s Brooke (Called first for her celebrity photo and then eliminated for her stupid book cover/scary eyes pictures), C11’s Clark (Called first for fierce eyes, eliminated for natural disasters), C3’s Nicole (Called first for her Tarantula photo, eliminated for being forgettable… And also the stupidest elimination ever). C5’s Cassandra technically fits (She got first call-out for Country Couture, but eliminated herself when she refused to have her hair shorn even shorter than it already was). Anyway, the point of all this is that she’s probably set, especially since Tyra is taking the time to give her new hair. If she wanted to eliminate her, she probably wouldn’t waste her time.

Allison- Very Unlikely

Our little bug-eyed freak is doing amazingly well… She has taken two strong pictures so far, and Tyra called her a ‘poster child for odd’ or something like that. Even when she just sort of stands there looking blank, she looks like a model. I expect she’ll be here until her weave looks like hay.

Liverpool- Very Unlikely

She’s taken two pictures in the upper tier of the call-out order, and her new makeover, while hard to get used to, has definitely ‘edged’ her out, which Tyra loves. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, she’s done nothing offensive (except that weak-ass sermon thing in the first episode). And since I’ve already ruined my credibility by giving her second call-out, I’ll just say that I think her overenunciation of “street. preacher” is one of the funniest things of Cycle 12, so far. Oh god. We must move on, before I start sounding like a fan.

Celia- Very Unlikely

She’s emerged as someone with a lot of energy and the ability to stand out no matter what she’s doing. She has a knowledge of the industry, and the new haircut makes her look ridiculously high-fashion. I think that even a major faltering wouldn’t get her eliminated at this point.

Natalie- Somewhat Unlikely

She has been getting jack for screen time, and her only plot line has been that she already looked model-esque and didn’t need a makeover. That’s still pretty boring. I hope she gets in a big fight with someone soon or something and can turn it around. Still, her pictures have been generally well received so I don’t think she’s in a danger zone.

Sandra- Somewhat Unlikely

She needs to deliver a stunning picture soon, or she’s fucked… But right now, I think she’s all set… She’s the house bitch (even though we all know how I feel about her… Yawwwn) and so far, pretty much the only person causing any drama. If she was cut, there’d be nothing to watch except a bunch of girls drinking tea or something.

Fo- Somewhat Unlikely

Generally, you get thrown in the bottom 2 for a makeover meltdown, but not eliminated. Then, even if you continue to bitch, you’ll probably get to stick around because you ‘have potential’- See Cycle 7’s Jaeda for a perfect example of this. I think Tyra is proud of herself about Fo’s makeover (and she should be) and will keep her around just to see if she can deliver something good with it. I hope she can.

Nijah- Somewhat Likely

Every one of the black ladies has a niche… Teyona got first call-out last week and is emerging as a frontrunner in the competition, Aminat has personality, Sandra is a bitch… Even Tahlia and Fo have their place in the competition- Tahlia has her scars and Fo had the makeover meltdown. Nijah epitomizes filler… She’s very much a Brittany from C11, but she IS very pretty and hasn’t really gotten much NEGATIVE critique (she hasn’t really gotten much critique at all, to be honest) so I’m interested to see if she gets the ‘no personality’ elimination or something else.

Aminat- Somewhat Likely

I really, really, really hope I’m wrong… but she hasn’t delivered a great picture and her makeover is more of a makeunder. Yes, the ‘fro wasn’t versatile, but the weave makes her common. I can only hope that she does something bad-ass this week or else I’m worried about her.

Kortnie- Very Likely

Her pictures have barely caused a ripple of excitement amongst anyone… She seems like an insecure woman who can’t seem to photograph well when the pressure is on. Tyra also made some catty remark about her tan too, which will probably be brought up at panel soon enough. The horrors of Whitney are still fresh in many minds, so another mediocre plus-size girl doesn’t need to stay around much longer, especially one with such ‘off’ proportions for plus size modeling.

Tahlia- Very Likely

I put her down at the bottom last week too, and she’ll probably stay here for the duration of her stay, because she is always going to have the ‘not model-esque AT ALL’ thing to work against. The only thing she has going for her is her scars… She doesn’t photograph well, and her body is all wrong for modeling. Like I said, I think she’s cute and stuff, but she shouldn’t be here.

As for my predictions (Factoring in some spoilers, but not the one about next week’s episode)

13. Isabella

12. Jessica

11. Tahlia

10. Kortnie

9. Nijah

8. Sandra (Though this seems sort of low… It could easily be Aminat or even Natalie)

7. London (Fan favorite inexplicably snubbed for something)

6. Natalie

5. Fo

4. Aminat

3. Celia

2. Allison

Winner- Teyona.