This is seriously the saddest fucking thing I’ve ever heard:

Okay, I hate to give this loser any attention at all, since his fifteen minutes of fame ended a long time ago, and he’s clearly just sad that nobody gives a shit about him, least of all, TyTy. I suddenly hate ‘Keep it cute, or put it on mute’, because Chris Crocker invented it. Goddammit Aminat… Why the hell aren’t you brushed up on your CHRIS CROCKER KNOWLEDGE?!?!

Also, Chris informs us that he and ‘Allie’ (Allison) used to be like brother and sister, and now I want to punch myself and Creepychan in the head. He ‘used to know her very well’? Did she change her phone number after ‘Leave Britney alone’ because she’s more into the emo scene?

Lastly… did anyone else hear him say ‘Don’t get it twisted’? Isn’t that a C5 Ebony’s quote? FILTHY HYPOCRITE.

So, basically… if Tyra addresses this, I will lose all respect for her. Carry on with your day.