So… if you actually believe in Tyra’s mindless bullshit, you won’t like this recap. If you actually have been brainwashed by Tyra’s ‘inner fierceness’ crap and think Tahlia is a model, you should probably kill yourself, and you won’t like this recap. You’ve been warned.

Previously, on America’s Next Top Model… The girls walked in a Jill Stuart fashion show and had to pose as New York characters. Hey look, Fo and Aminat yelling at each other! I love them! Nijah didn’t push her potential and she was sent. home. 10 girls left… who will be eliminated tonight? The camera chooses to linger on Tahlia (who will have a bitchy nickname by the end of this. MARK MY WORDS) for about 10 seconds. Foreshadowing? Do we really think Tyra is smart enough to send her pet project home yet?

I’m going to step in again and warn you one more time that I’m so over Tahlia. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, and I still think she’s a cute girl (not a model, but a cute girl), but I am completely done with this vile human being. So, for the last time… If you like her, you should just stop reading.

During the commercial, Drew Barrymore tells me that six million people use Lash Blast mascara. That’s cool.

The girls come back from panel and Simone’s (good, but overrated) photo is on the screen in the house. The comments say ‘Bam!’ and ‘Attitude!’ which is kind of hilarious. The best they can come up with is ‘Bam’?

Simone, with her typical humility, tells us in first interview that, wow, she looks so hot. She finally feels like she’s redeemed herself  with her ‘bomb ass picture’. She says that she knows she’s better than them, and that they know it too. Oh Simone, haven’t you learned by now that you’re a better model when you’re acting like a human being with a soul?

Fo and Aminat, along with a few others, are hanging out and collectively decide that Simone’s picture wasn’t the best of the week. They felt that they did better as a group. They’re not wrong. Fo and Aminat knocked it out of the park last week. Tahlia, who needs to talk about her confidence, I’m sure, since we haven’t heard her nails-on-a-chalkboard bitching in a week, tells us that ‘everyone needs to understand that it’s a competition.’ She admits that ‘getting positive feedback raised her confidence’. Oh look, Tahlia is happy. She’s a model now. Nevermind the sexy, editorial jiggly thighs and the flabby stomach. Tahlia is homesick, but she knows she can do this. For the next five minutes, until someone tells her she sucks again, and then she’ll doubt her place in the competition again.

Liverpool gives us an interview and she’s all jumpy and over-enunciated-

(Sorry, I just love using that)

She says that they’ll all hanging out and then the doorbell rings and they’re all like ‘Uhhh, WHATS GOIN ON?’ Y’know, if she continues to not be a STREET. PREACHER. I’m going to really like her, and then I’m sure she’ll get eliminated. But anyway, there’s someone at the door. Who is it?

It’s TOCCARA, from Cycle 3. I think it’s Celia who says that Toccara is known for being ‘notable’. We cut to Toccara being BIG, BLACK, BEAUTIFUL AND LOVIN. IT. She’s really wonderful, and she looks amazing… Natalie tells us that Toccara went ‘really far’ in Cycle 3. Uh, what? Nat, she came in seventh. She was eliminated for her lack of spirit, which will probably happen to you too, babe. Not exactly ‘far’, but whatev. That was when the show still was semi-legit. Moving on, Natalie tells us that Toccara is every girl’s inspiration.

I hate to be the big bad bitch here, but are we for real here? I mean, Toccara had that weird, scary freak-out on Celebrity Fit Club where she was about to do voodoo on someone. Is she really an inspiration? In the scheme of things, she’s one of the more successful models from the show, but that’s not saying much. She introduces herself (needlessly, of course, since she is an inspiration to every girl) as Toccara and she is FABO-lous. And… she is here for a SLUMBER PARTY AND! She brought them all Mira Kelis lingerie. Celia loves this, and thinks it’s sweet and ‘unplanned’. Oh Celia, don’t be so naive. This is the most planned thing since Nicole’s elimination.

I love how Tyra is trying to act like Toccara won Cycle 3. She gave her that stupid lifetime achievement fiercee award on her talk show. If she was so awesome, which she is, then why didn’t she win so that stupid Whitney Thompson didn’t have to fill the plus-size quota?

Toccara talks about having lots of personality. She tells them that you need it to get anywhere in this industry. You need that, and you need confidence, so be you, and if you have something to say, say it. She asks them to go around and talk about their personalities. Aminat tells us that she’s ‘loud and okay with it’. SHUT CHO MOUTH AND SAY IT AIN’T SO, AMINAT. I HAD NO IDEA. Kortnie says that she’s an old male comedian stuck in a hot body. Giiirl, you the plus this season. You don’t have a hot body. Except you’re not plus, so maybe you do. Simone doesn’t like Kortnie. She thinks it’s stupid that she makes everything a joke. She says that it’s a ‘maw-del’ competition, not a comedy show. And suddenly, Kortnie has a place in this competition. She’s clearly toast.

Someone asks Toccara what she’s accomplished since the show. She was the first black plus-size model to appear in Italian Vogue, she does corresponding on BET, and she just did an exercise video. With all sincerity, good for her. I’m glad she’s successful. Tahlia, who I think should possibly be called ‘The Great Whine’, but I’m not sure, is inspired by Toccara. She wants to be an inspiration too with her scars. OKAY, SO BE A CAMP COUNSELOR.

Next, Toccara asks whose picture is provoking the ‘Bam!’ comments. Simone is all ‘Oh, that’s me’. Toccara is like ‘Oh, so this is the best picture’ and a few girls give a ‘Well, I guess’ type face. Natalie says that Fo was better last week. Simone goes ‘Well, it doesn’t matter because that wasn’t the decision’ and Teyona is like ‘Hmmm, well…. we don’t agree’, showing a glimmer of personality, which I LOVED. It was more of the same old shit from Simone, but Teyona was cute. Toccara looked amused by it all.

Toccara then interviews, in the ghetto ass confessional that all the other girls have to use (which cracked me up) that there are a lot more personalities than the girls that were on her cycle, but nobody really stands out. Giirl, too bad you weren’t there when Aminat had a ‘fro. Toccara thinks they all need to just let. go. They all go to bed. Why do I think that this took place at like 3 in the afternoon? Oh, because 10 seconds later, they’re all awake and Toccara is in full, gorgeous hair and makeup and is like ‘I hope my words stuck, because whoever wins this is has to be a spokesperson, so don’t just rely on looks’. Yes, that’s why McKey won. Best personality ever. Not just stunningly hot. Toccara gets a big hug. Celia says that it perked everyone up, and that she knows that you have to put yourself out there. How inspirational.

TYRA MAIL: ‘If you can’t move to the music, that might pose a problem’.

They get carted off to this placed called Marquee and Fo is like ‘What is going on?!’ I like it better when Liverpool narrates where we’re going, cuz she darts her eyes back and forth. Well, guess who is at the Marquee to greet them?

Benny Ninja! I love this guy. Kortnie ‘knows that they’re posing’. Whoa, did Kortnie just do a confessional? Bitch is so out tonight. It’s obvious. Aminat loves Benny’s posing. She’s in awe of him. I’m in ‘aw’ of Aminat. She’s just so cute. Benny brought his friend Skye, who is a former model and is now a DJ.

Benny tells them that music and fashion have an intimate relationship that invokes emotion. Basically, music motivates posing, and they’ll have to pose along with the music. I just want to say that I saw this part on a preview when it was silent, so the girls were rocking out to nothing, and it was hilarious. Benny does like, a 10 second show where he rocks out and tells them to ‘pay attention. To what they’re. HEARING’.

Liverpool and Simone do posing inspired by heavy metal music. Liverpool must be ‘into heavy metal, because she did a good job– She had a good face and the right emotions. Simone looked lost, despite trying to take over the shot. She needs more emotion in her eyes. Benny doesn’t think she’s aware of her body or the music, and that she’s basically clueless.

Allison and Natalie do rock. Allison, according to Benny, sucks. ‘It’s not brain surgery… IT’S POSING’. Ooh, Benny is bitchy! He’s probably mad that Tyra hasn’t given him a full time position yet.

Teyona and Fo do country music. Fo needs to get more into it, and smell hay. Or horse dung.

Kortnie and Celia do hip hop. Kortnie needs to get it together, because Celia wipes the floor with Kortnie’s tig old bitties. Kortnie defends herself and says that she’s ‘here to poooose’. Celia confirms Simone’s earlier confessional about Kortnie always trying to be funny.

Aminat and Tahlia do jazz. Obviously, Tahlia sucks. That’s what she does best. Aminat rocks it. Benny agrees with me. Tahlia thinks too much and needs to commit. Girl, you’ve been talking about it for weeks now. Stop talking and actually do it. Benny tells Tahlia that she needs confidence, and that she’s shy, and it shows. Tell me something I don’t know, Benny.  He says that you have to believe in yourself, or nobody else will.

They go home, and Allison tells us that she was basically scared shitless. She was shaking and nervous during the challenge. Girl, why? You can pretty much count on Tahlia sucking more than you in a challenge because Tyra won’t be there to lick her scars after. Celia loved the challenge. Allison says that she felt like she sucked, and needs to not be so stiff. Or you could take a leaf out of Tahlia’s book and suck consistently, but just get some burns from coffee, and then your suckage would be excused. Scars >>> Creepychan, Allison. Allison wants to just ‘chill out and be positive’.

Kortnie tells us that she tries to be funny because it helps her. Since when is she funny? We haven’t seen her since day 1, so I’d say her problem is BORING, not funny.

TYRA MAIIIIL. Celia picks it up, looks at it and giggles. ‘It rhymes’, she tells us. Hahahahha. ‘Practice your posin’, if you wanna be chosen’.

Hurrah, Liverpool narrates for us that the Hideolamobile has taken them to a place called the MAN.SHUN and like, WHAT ARE WE DOIN HERE?!

Benny is there, with two blonde people, one of whom may or may not be a woman. They will be headlining for New York’s Elite in a medley of music, fashion and posing. They’ll have to use the music to ‘motivate’ the fashion. The prize is a couture gown by the Blonds, who are the blonde people standing with Benny. The one who sort of looked like a girl, is named Phillipe.

Whoops. My bad. In my defense, he’s wearing a long Blond (it will be capitalized for the rest of the recap) wig. Essentially, the challenge is a pose-off. There will be two heats of five girls. Liverpool ‘doesn’t know about this’. Kortnie is basically like ‘Fahhhhh, posing!’ Benny tells them to go get their ‘HAIR DID’ and something snatched. Whoa now, that’s sounding dirty.

Celia, who I love, looks ridiculous in her Blond wig. She just looks very reptilian. Allison is nervous. Turns out, the fashion show will be attended mostly by drag queens. Celia feels alive and wants to ‘come out’ with all the elements surrounding her. Tahlia says she can’t move in her dress and that she’s overwhelmed. I need to start making a list of things she bitches about every episode.

Benny tells the audience to applaud for good posing, and boo for ‘foulness’. Allison goes first. She thinks they can ‘smell her fear’. She gets booed. Teyona looks like a dude, and gets some cheers. Kortnie’s boobs are busting out of her dress. She only poses when Benny says ‘Pose’. She gets booed. Sandra looks hilarious in her Blond wig. She tries to do simple poses and gets booed. Celia looks like a stripper, and gets tons of cheers. She ‘thrived’ on their energy. Didn’t she thrive last week on eyes all over her? Celia wins heat #1.

Aminat poses, and gets booed. London didn’t look too bad to me, but she gets more boos than Aminat. Tahlia gets the most boos of all. Her voiceover says that she was struggling to keep the hair out of her face. She sucked, obviously. Natalie looked like even more of a stripper than Celia. She gets cheers. Fo got a few scattered claps, but mostly boos. Natalie wins heat #2.

Celia tries to work the garment while Natalie tries to keep her balance. All her stripperish awesomeness is gone. Celia clearly won, and she’s thrilled about it. She’s on a high and wants to channel all this energy into everything she does.

Hey look! A picture of April!

Tahlia struggled today. What the fuck else is new? She hated the boos. Get used to them, Scars. Maybe that’s her new nickname. She was overwhelemed. Whiiinge. Then, she drops the big one. She tells Allison that SHE. WANTS. TO. GO HOME. She didn’t know the toll that this competition would have on her, and thinks it’s doing her more harm than good.

Allison, quite the little instigator, tells Celia what Tahlia said. Celia says that Tahlia refuses to put herself out there and that she isn’t strong enough for this competition.

MCKEY’S LIFE AS A COVERGIRL. You know, I love this girl, but I didn’t catch anything except bold and beautiful. And tinted mascara.

TYRA MAIL- Models aren’t the only ones who migrate to New York for their dreams to come true. They think they’ll be made up as birds. Oh come on, this show is clearly on a budget. Like they’re going to spend money on feathers. Liverpool flaps and does her bird imitation.

They get driven to hair and makeup and haven’t been told what the deal is yet. Tahlia knows she did horrible at the challenge. She feels suffocated and fed up by the whole thing. She knows she signed up for this and thinks that it’s great, but isn’t sure it’s right. Celia tells us that she can see Tahlia breaking down. She basically says that if Tahlia doesn’t think this competition is the way to go, she SHOULD LEAVE. Let those who actually want this have a chance in this competition. Amen, Mama.

Mr. Jay meets them on a ferry. He’s wearing a coat that looks like a dress. No lie. It has a flared skirt and everything. He gives the girls a mini history lesson about immigrants and Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, and tells them that they’ll be posing as immigrants coming into Ellis Island. It’ll have to be still, because they’ll be using long-shot 8×10 cameras. No Saleisha jumping, ya hear? Benny Ninja will be playing the ‘husband’ and there will be random children playing the kids. Liverpool loves this. Brian Edwards, photographer of C11’s Natural Disaster shoot, is their photographer today. The point is to put sort of a modern spin on the past. Easier said than done, I’m sure.

Simone needed more body drama. She’s boring in the face, so apparently she needs more face drama too. She’s too stiff. Simone tried putting her hands in her ‘poe-kets’. Jay said that she disappointed him and basically just fell off his radar. Not that his radar is very wide, mind you. It’s mostly full of thoughts of naked men and his own Canada’s Next Top Model.

Fo said that she ‘felt’ old fashioned, and hopes she looked it.

Liverpool was inspired by Kate Winslet in Titanic, wearing the big ass hat. She didn’t say that, but that’s who she looked like when she tilted her head up. Jay loved her, and said that she *was* her character.

Natalie tried to be like Marjorie, by hunching her back.

Teyona didn’t look like an alien at all. She actually looked amazing.

I just noticed that Jay is looking at the shots on a computer. If they’re using old fashioned 8×10 cameras and Brian is pulling slides out… then isn’t it film? Won’t it need to be developed? Hahahahahaha. IDIOTS.

Kortnie was excited, because most of her family immigrated. Seriously, I miss Marjorie and Elina now. Remember them and their ‘We’re immigrants. We’re better than you’ thing? Sigh. Kortnie hoped to make her family proud. Giiirl, you made them prouder when you hopped on Dale Earnhardt’s junk. Her position was weird. Jay said she struggled, and ended up looking like a sack.

Tahlia has grown immensely since week 1. We’re treated to her crazy eyed madness from the childhood games shoot. She’s grown in leaps and bounds, and her eyes told a story. She was soft and feminine. Fucking kill me.

Celia says that she ‘isn’t strong at photoshoots’. Oh Celia! Don’t listen to Tyra! She’s been one of my favorites from the beginning. Jay says she did well.

Aminat didn’t use her face. She did great, interesting poses, but forgot about her face.

Allison is in love with the camera. Seriously, if you haven’t googled creepychan, I recommend that you do so. She’s not only in love with the camera, but she’s in love with freaking my ass out. She felt amazing, and loved the shoot. I was really blown away with her look during the shoot. She looked veryyy fashion to me.

TYRA MAIL. Tomorrow you will meet with the judges… blah blah blah. They all have ‘I love New York’ sweatshirts on. How cute. Simone feels a little nervous. She prays that she did well. She thinks Tahlia will be out. Tahlia is stressed out and overwhelmed. I need to just copy and paste that because it’s all she ever says. Can the editors of this show please stop beating me over the head with this girl? Tahlia feels like she got a good shot, and her confidence is up. So, now she doesn’t want to go home?

Celia, Natalie and Allison (maybe Fo is there, but I’m not sure) think that if Tahlia doesn’t say anything about wanting to leave at panel and she isn’t eliminated, she should ‘fire back’. Natalie sums it up the best, and because of that, she gets a bolded quote:

‘When Tahlia does well in this competition, she likes it, but when she sucks, she wants to go home, and that’s annoying’.

God, I could not agree more. Seriously, I am so fucking sick of Tahlia, in case you couldn’t tell. I think I officially have a least favorite contestant of all time. Celia thinks that it’ll ’cause mayhem’ if Tahlia doesn’t go. Allison says that someone should tell Tyra because it isn’t fair.

Reasons why I can’t stand Tahlia:

1. The show is forcing her sob story down my throat.

2. She forces her sob story down my throat, as if it entitles her to anything.

3. She’s way too jiggly to be model.

4. She complained about being ‘covered up’ at the first fashion show and thinks it was her scars, when really, it was her icky body. Read: Denial

5. She’s always stressed out and overwhelmed.

6. She took a game of Truth or Dare too seriously.

I’ll be adding to that list every episode that she stays here.

Once, there was a supermodel who blah blah blah, except this one has ‘traveled through many foreign lands’. I seriously don’t even know what to say except ‘Fuckin A’. There’s a long focus on Kortnie when Tyra says ‘Only 9 will go on in the hope of becoming America’s Next Top Model’.

Benny Ninja is the guest judge, naturally. Teyona’s hair looks like the original chocolate Ramen again. J laughs really queerly when Tyra introduces him. Tyra cracks a whip to start judging.

Teyona- Looks sensational in her picture. She’s acting, and she managed to pull it off very well. Tyra sees a story in her face. I see Nijah in her face. She looks seriously pretty. Someone says something about Teyona looking like a captivating romance.

Liverpool- Looks about 1 1/2 feet tall in her picture. Ugh, you say that now when I start to like her?! They hate that the picture is in profile. Nigel says that she looks pretty, but he doesn’t like it with the rest of the picture. Uhh, so why didn’t they choose a picture where she was straight on and not bundled up like a ball? I call sabotage. And yes, I’m officially a Liverpool fan. So of course, she’ll probably go next week. Tyra does this fucking stupid demonstration about calling out 1 2 3 FIERCE. 1 2 3 FUNNY FACE. So that everyone looks the same. Nigel’s funny face was really cute. Ew, gross.

Simone’s picture is in profile. Nigel doesn’t want to see another profile shot from her. There’s a disconnect because she isn’t straight on. Benny tattles about Simone sucking in the challenge. That… isn’t fair, seeing as how nobody else’s shit-tastic performance in the challenge has been brought up.

Allison looks editorial and fashion, but she looks more like one of the kids than the proud mama. How dare you look young and waifish, Allison?! HOW DARE YOU LOOK CURRENT IN FASHION. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU.

Aminat looks great. Her expression is really working. Benny thinks she needs more range. Ugh, I’m sick of him. He can go now.

Fo’s picture is like London’s. The profile makes the picture unrelatable. It’s Paulina’s least favorite shot of Fo. I stress this again… Why wasn’t another shot chosen?

Natalie looks like Keira Knightley in her picture. Sort of. Not really. They all talk in british accents for the rest of her critique. It’s a stunning, fashion pose, and would have been perfect if her face was tilted up.

Kortnie’s face is ‘sour’. She doesn’t look like she’s thinking about anything and has dead eyes. She lacked TEN.SHUN. She was ‘there’, but needed to be ‘there’. Yes, Tyra did one of her squinty, smiley things as the example for where Kortnie needed to be. Oy vey.

Tahlia’s picture gets the biggest tongue bath since Lauren Brie’s hot air balloon picture. I wish I was joking. It’s the best one so far. It’s gorgeous. It’s exquisite. She looks like a Spanish flamenco dancer coming to ‘Nueva York’. She looks related to everyone in the picture. She has more attitude in her picture than everyone else does so far. In person, she needs more attitude, and her hair looks like ‘the hair’ in “There’s Something about Mary”. It’s a good picture, but is it THAT good? Seriously? More on this shitshow at the end of the recap.

Celia has been upstaged by the little girls in her picture. There’s no story in her eyes. She needs to pull her body up.

Honestly… at this point, I’m so pissed off. It’s obvious to me that Tyra chose terrible pictures of strong competitors Fo, Celia and Liverpool so that Tahlia would look good. I know for a fact that Fo and Liverpool didn’t do all their shots from profile, so if that’s going to be a topic of concern, why pick that one?

Deliberation. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit through the Tahlia slobberfest.

Liverpool doesn’t relate to the kids in the background. She has no legs in the picture, but she has pretty eyes.

Simone is as boring as ‘homemade soap.’ Okay J. Whatever that means. Tyra thinks Simone relies on pretty. How can she when she has a day-glo yellow scalp? Nigel thinks that Simone needs to ‘bring it’ to the forefront.

Allison has an adorable, distinctive look that you’ll either love or you’ll hate.

Kortnie is not model quality. I actually like her picture. It’s about 30889258792357295 times better than the one from last week, that’s for sure. Nigel likes her legs. You can practically see his erection from here. J says she’s knock-kneed. Tyra defends knock-kneed girls and says that they can be ‘unknockified’.

J loves Aminat. Nigel thinks the picture works as a closeup, but as a longshot, not so much.

Paulina love Fo, but not in this picture. They all think the sentiment on her face looks fake.

Celia gets ragged on for using the same pose as the one in Nigel’s shoot. Oh. PLEASE. Cycle 6’s Danielle had the same face in every picture and she won. If it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX IT.

Tahlia’s picture is the best one. Yeah, because Tyra chose a bunch of shitty ones for everyone else. They briefly touch on how she’s one person in photos and another in front of them, but mostly just take more time to suck her photographical butt by saying she’s like a sweet, Spanish lullaby and a hot mama. Gag me with a spoon. It’s a good picture, but cut the fucking hyperbole.

Natalie’s fate is sealed in the competition when the judges say that she’s dull and not inspirational. Come here, Nat. I’ll dump some coffee onto your body and then you’ll inspire everyone to model. Except, oh wait, you don’t look like a 35 year old soccer mom, and your ass doesn’t jiggle. Just kidding. Won’t work. You’re too hot to be a model. Resting on pretty. Nigel says she needs to match her personality to her pictures.

Teyona IS a model. In person, she needs to be a model too. Benny thinks she’s a little sour. Jesus Christ.

Tahlia, of course, gets first fucking call out. Not one mention of wanting to go home. Celia looks PISSED. The rest of the call out order is Teyona, Allison, Natalie, Liverpool, Aminat, Celia and Fo. Simone and Kortnie are the bottom 2. Kortnie was obvious, but Simone wasn’t as obvious to me this week.

Allison is about to do voo-doo while Tyra drones on about Kortnie not having any alertness in her pictures. She’s beautiful, but dead in front of the camera. Seriously, Allison’s eyes are about to bug out. Simone is pretty, but the judges are disappointed. Honestly, she was never going to live up to her pre-show picture anyway. It’s wayy too amazing. Simone is resting on what her parents gave her. What? A stank personality? Simone also sucked at the challenge. Yup, but first call out Tahlia sucked even worse, but of course, no mention of that.

Simone is saved from elimination. Celia literally goes cross-eyed. She steps forward and says, in this shaking, meek voice, ‘All due respect, Tyra, but I have something to say.’ She tells Tyra about what Tahlia said about wanting to go home. She thinks it’s unfair that someone who wants this is getting kicked out. Tyra says ‘Right, Tahlia… Get your jiggly ass out of my judging room, you wannabe. You’re dead in my book.’ Tyra then dies, and Janice shows up to replace her.

I wish.

Actually, what Tyra says is that she thinks it’s unfair that Celia is saying this, seeing as how Tahlia didn’t bring it up. WELL, DUH. YOU GUYS WERE TOO BUSY MASTURBATING TO HER PICTURE. She tells Celia to ‘get back to her place’. It’s, without a doubt, the most infuriating thing I’ve seen in a long time on this show. Girls have been eliminated just because Tyra THINKS they don’t want to be here, but because Tahlia is the sob story of the cycle, she gets special treatment. Also, I hate that the whore just stood there and made Celia look bad. You could tell that Celia meant it, because her voice was all quivery. Yes, Celia’s timing was bad… She probably should have said something before Tahlia got first call-out and Celia got seventh call out, because it makes her look a litttttleee bit jealous, but I’m still 100% on Celia’s side. Team Jiggles can burn in hell. Honestly, last cycle, a girl is rewarded for being honest about confessing about her breast implants. This cycle, the most level-headed woman in the house is hit in the face with Tyra’s invisible bucket of ribs.


Kortnie is sad to go. She feels like she had potential, but just couldn’t catch up. She hopes the house isn’t too crazy.


Everyone is fighting! Fucking Tahlia is like OMG CELIA, WHY’D YOU SAY THAT!? I WAS HUMILIATED. What?!!?!?$@$?#@ Tyra defended your cellulite encrusted ass, you delusional whore! You weren’t humiliated at all! You were being called out on your actions! I’m sure that’s new to you, since you think you’re entitled to do whatever you want because of your scars, but THAT’S HOW LIFE WORKS. Aminat and Natalie appear to be fighting too.

I cannot wait.

I really hope Tahlia gets dumped like an empty bucket of KFC (Tyra’s midday snack) sometime soon.

And, this is my call-out order on the photos: