This is dedicated to the hilarious members of the IMDb ANTM forum. I made a thread:

So… why haven’t we done a bathing suit photoshoot this cycle?
by Amanda-Winslet 2 hours ago (Mon Mar 30 2009 09:10:07)

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I know there’s one in Brazil, but by this time, they’d done like two photoshoots in the water or in bathing suits, sabotaging poor Isis. Why can’t there be a photoshoot to sabotage Scarsy McBurns?

Fuck you Tyra.


And I got two replies that are worth sharing…

by SusiePancakes 1 hour ago (Mon Mar 30 2009 09:58:31)

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UPDATED Mon Mar 30 2009 10:03:02

You would think she would be b*tching about not having one. “I don’t know why we can’t do a bathing suit shoot. They always keep me covered up so no one can see what I have to endure. Wah, Wah Wah…How am I supposed to get sympathy if no one can see my BURNS…Cry, Sob, Wail”. If you can’t tell, I don’t care for Fire Marshall Bill.
by Mikeismyname 1 hour ago (Mon Mar 30 2009 09:55:40)

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Maybe they could do a photoshoot where they have to portray different effects of leaving a baby with a coffee pot? Tahlia can be eliminated for letting it to get to her, even though when Tyra was seventeen and in Paris, she was left with a coffee pot and pulled it on her, but made it fierce ‘cos that’s what a top model does?
Congratulations on cracking me up twice in an hour… I am so proud.