I’m starting these before the newest episode, but we all know Simone is going home… Anyway, I’ll give my reasoning and then we can laugh when I’m right about Simone.

9. Simone- She’s no longer needed, since there’s new drama with Celia and Tahlia. For those who have seen the new episode preview, it’s pretty obvious that Aminat and Natalie will fulfill the bitch quota.

8. Liverpool- I see it as a shocking, Lauren Brie-esque elimination. There have been a few comments about her body, and they’ll just decide to smack her with it. It’s either her or Fo.


6. Fo or Liverpool (Whichever isn’t eliminated in #8) will go here, probably for not being as ‘strong’ as the other girls. Or something stupid like that.

5. Natalie- They’ve already set her up for a Katarzyna edit with the ‘no personality’ thing, so maybe it’s stupid to assume that she’s going to place in the same spot as Kat did. She might go sooner, but I think she might be able to pull something off for a little while.

4. Aminat- She just ISN’T strong enough. I’ve been a fan from the beginning, but if she continues to give the same face in her pictures, she’s doomed for fourth or lower.

3. Celia- It won’t be brought up until now, but suddenly she’ll be too old and will get booted, despite Allison sucking at the commercial more than she does.

2. Allison- Well, she deserves to win, so obviously she won’t. This IS ANTM we’re talking about.

1. Teyona- I’m still now blown away by her, but she’s stayed consistently high in the call-out scores, she’s pretty likable and she’s a decent walker.

Most Underrated- Liverpool or Natalie. They’ve both been called lower than I think they deserve.

Most Overrated- Um, duh. Scars takes this one in a cakewalk.