No reliable spoilers have been posted, so the next elimination is a total surprise… Or is it? I think the judges are paving the way for some predictable edits… The girls will have to do a commercial, which means that some are fucked… and some are probably all set. So, here’s my speculation:

America's Next Top ModelTeyona- Very Unlikely

This girl can do no wrong for the judges and I think they’re setting her up for a win. I still don’t see the appeal, but there are far worse people that could win. And by people I mean ‘person’, but let’s not go there yet…

America's Next Top ModelCelia- Unlikely

I doubt we’ll see her in the bottom 2 again… until her elimination, of course. She’s mature, she’s got class… you KNOW her commercial will be great, and it’s the sort of redemptive edit that Tyrant loves.

America's Next Top ModelFo- Unlikely

She got first call out last week, and it’s rare to get booted directly after that. Add in the fact that she’s got a great smile, a good speaking voice, and a natural charm and I think we get more freckles, FO SHO… I crack me up =)

America's Next Top ModelAminat- Somewhat Unlikely

She’s giving them what they want, and that’s good face. She’s very comfortable speaking, so her commercial will probably be very good. 

America's Next Top ModelAllison- Somewhat Likely

She’s being given the ‘one look’ vote of (not)confidence… But she proved with her runway walk that she is capable of learning quickly. If she can keep it together, I think she’ll be okay… If not, then I’m a little worried for her.

America's Next Top ModelTahlia- Somewhat Likely

The pet project has to be cut loose at some point, right? RIGHT?!?! If she’s going to suck ass anywhere, it’s in a commercial, although Tyra will probably reward her for having the confidence to do it, despite sucking hard. Still, maybe this will be the end of the insanity.

America's Next Top ModelNatalie- Very Likely

First they told her she was boring, but stunning… Now she’s boring and has no bone structure. This is not good. Add in the fact that, while perfectly capable of speaking, she isn’t exactly Ms. Personality and she could be out. 

America's Next Top ModelLiverpool- Very Likely

Paulina obviously hates her, since she said that her last two pictures have looked exactly the same… Which they don’t, but whatever. I can see her getting some sort of bullshit chop with Tyra saying ‘London, you’re supposed to sell God to me, and you can’t even sell me mascara!’. I would guess that her commercial would be stronger than Natalie’s, but Paulina doesn’t hate Natalie, so who knows?


^ Can this bitch please go home already?

(Thank you to Paintmaster Ibbi for the Fo-To)