Since Babycakes hasn’t reported anything, it’s ANYONE’S guess. And trust me, everyone is guessing. Rather than the traditional ‘Likely’ ‘Not likely’ type thing… I’m just going to post some various speculation and then a few different elimination scenarios… and then squish all that together into one thought process. Please note that even though it’s essentially confirmed that a few girls go overseas, I’m just going to speculate pretending that we don’t know that.

Based on the promo, Liverpool is struggling with her weight. Right, we saw that last week. Although she does logically seem like the next girl to go, would they make it that obvious in the preview? Is it even about her? Last week, we saw Aminat barking ‘YOU KNOW NOTHING!’ but it turned out to be from the acting challenge, not a fight with someone. So, maybe someone else is feeling chubs too?

Allison has been in the bottom 2 twice and is getting the ‘one note’ critique week after week. Some people think this makes her vulnerable. I think it’s a set-up for a first call out, to be honest. I predict some serious awesomeness out of her tonight.

Natalie has been given the ‘too boring’ and the ‘too sexy’ critique now. Can you say Katarzyna? She’s also being edited as a snob. It’s possible that sucking on tonight’s shoot could make her vulnerable. She hasn’t been in the bottom 2 yet, but that hasn’t stopped Uhhhh before.

Fo has sort of been slipping through the cracks recently. Other than the haircut drama, she’s been delivering very strong pictures. I’d be truly shocked if they got rid of her at this point, although I do think we’ll see a fourth place finish TOPS if they don’t want her to win… Honestly, if she gets to do Covergirl, who could beat her?

The drama with Tahliagate seems to have evaporated into nothing, as far as Celia is concerned. She got a first call out last week, but the only negative thing that’s been mentioned about her is her age. That won’t come into play until later if she keeps turning out great pictures. I don’t even predict bottom 2 for her.

Aminat is very inconsistent in her photos, and she wowed nobody with her commercial. Basically, she’s coasting. She’s sort of taken over the role of Head Bitch in Charge when coupled with Natalie though, so I expect we’ll see them both for a couple more episodes just to keep the drama going. I could see a possible bottom 2 for her, and I also predict that when she or Natalie is eliminated (whichever is first), they’ll be in the bottom 2 together, just to add salt to their wounds.

Teyona can do no wrong in the judges eyes. She appears to rock the shoot from the promo, although that could be misleading. I think she’s an obvious judge favorite, and she’s all set.

Some funny, coincidental(?) stuff– At the end of the recap episode, Tyra always mentions the remaining girls and lathers them with compliments. I’ll just use Lauren as an example:

‘Lauren- the awkward yet incredibly photogenic punk rock girl’

In  cycles 9, 10, and 11, the girl who was called a ‘stunner’ got fifth: ‘Heather- the statuesque stunner’, ‘Katarzyna- the sexy stunner’, ‘Elina- the stoic stunner’, ‘Natalie- the sexy stunner’… She and Katarzyna have the same friggin comment! I’m sticking to fifth place with Natalie, although I could see a potential bottom 2 tonight. Another fun one? Every runner-up since Cycle 8 has been some variation of ‘enthusiastic’- ‘Natasha- the ever enthusiastic Russian with the infectious smile’, ‘Chantal- the bubbly blonde’, ‘Anya- the ethereal and effervescent beauty’, ‘Samantha- the spunky and fun loving girl’, ‘Teyona- the enthusiastic model with mile high cheekbones’. Could my wildest dreams be coming true? Is Teyona not the winner?

A lot of speculation points to Aminat leaving next for, as I stated above, coasting. She has yet to wow anyone with her pictures, but I just think that her height will carry her over London.

So, my prediction for this episode’s call-out order: Allison, Teyona (since she has to be top 3 and all), Celia, Fo, Natalie. Bottom 2- Aminat and Liverpool, with a Liverpool elimination.

For the rest of the cycle:

7th- London

6th- Aminat

5th- Natalie

4th- Fo/Allison (If they don’t want Fo to win, she’ll go here)

3rd- Celia

2nd- Teyona (If Fo isn’t eliminated at 4th)/Allison (If Fo is eliminated at 4th)

1st- Teyona (If Fo is eliminated at 4th)/Fo (If she isn’t eliminated at 4th)