The ranking of the fourth place finishers went over extremely well, so I’m going to keep it going and do it for every contestant. This is essentially going to act as an overview for every ANTM and AusNTM contestant… Maybe I’ll make some epic list at the end where I rank them all. Oh god. 

So, today’s project is working with those who left us first. In most cases, it was because their pictures were crappy. In some cases, they just couldn’t measure up (literally) to their competition. So, the criteria will be a little different than the 4th place finishers. You’ll see-

Cycle 1’s Tessa Carlson-

Notable moments- Having the dubious distinction of being the very first girl to be voted off of ANTM.

Bottom 2 with: Eventual runner-up of the cycle, Shannon Stewart.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? Shannon’s picture was much worse, but she also had perfect proportions for modeling… a rare feat on ANTM. Tessa has a great face, but her body just wasn’t in the same league as Shannon’s.

Did she have potential? Yeah, especially for beauty.

Cycle 2’s Anna Bradford-

Notable moments- She refused to pose nude in the first photoshoot and thus, is the only girl to have no portfolio from the show. 

Bottom 2 with: Jenascia Chakos, who was eliminated 3 episodes later.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? Yup. You can’t expect to not do the first photoshoot and make it through. The whole claim was sort of ridiculous anyway… Seeing as how they were wearing body paint and not just standing there with their legs spread. 

Did she have potential? As a catalog model, absolutely. She’s gone on to do some plus-size work for catalogs, and it’s really nice.

Cycle 3’s Magdalena Rivas-

Notable moments- She was the first girl to be eliminated outside of a judging panel, and she is the first girl to not even see the house that she supposedly was to live in because of this.

Bottom 2 with: No one… She was eliminated in Jamaica. Leah was later eliminated in panel during the same episode.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? Her pose is truly heinous, and the picture is the worst of the week. So based on what we saw, yes. 

Did she have potential? Yes. Her body is fine… Her posing is crappy, and her face is weird. But cycle 3 had a fair share of weird faces, so she was in good company.

Cycle 4’s Brita Petersons-

Notable moments- Being called ‘thick’ when all of the girls measurements were taken, being referred to as ‘Frito’ by Dame Janice Dickinson.

Bottom 2 with: Brandy, of the red afro, who was there because of her attitude and not her photo, which was one of the best from the shoot.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? Her picture is horrible… She looks uncomfortable, worried and stiff. But she was really, really beautiful… They could have eliminated a handful of others over her and I wouldn’t have batted an eye.

Did she have potential? Yes… Gorgeous face. Probably a little too big to do any sort of runway, but catalog stuff.

Cycle 5’s Ashley Black-

Notable moments: One of the roots of all evil, the ‘She’s resting on pretty’ excuse, began with Ashley. She made the mistake of mentioning a joke in her family about all the women possessing a ‘pretty gene’ and was thusly eliminated for being too pretty. 

Bottom 2 with: Kim Stolz’s future makeout partner, Sarah Rhoades… who was there for a really heinous runway walk, and not her picture.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? Not even. First of all, I don’t see pretty in that picture. And it’s not her fault that she was styled as some sort of Green Goblin/Riddler love-child. 

Did she have potential? Her eyes always looked puffy, but yes. She did. A lot of potential, actually.

Cycle 6’s Kathy Hoxit-

Notable moments: Stripping down in front of the J(ay)s because she misunderstood a challenge, talking about how she looked like a penis with ears wearing a huge condom in her bald cap.

Bottom 2 with: Furonda, the best contestant ever.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? I feel uncomfortable when I look at her picture, but I think Wendy’s is almost as bad. 

Did she have potential? Yes! She’s done a smattering of post-show work and it’s really nice… She had a good body and unique bone structure, but she just couldn’t translate it into an effective shot when she needed to.

Cycle 7’s Christian Evans-

Notable moments: Idolizing Tyra and knowing all of her most famous poses.

Bottom 2 with: Eventual runner up Melrose Bickerstaff.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? NO. Neither of them deserved to be in the bottom 2. Both Monique and Jaeda (the plague that wouldn’t go away) had worse pictures and should have been in the bottom 2 instead of her. 

Did she have potential? She has sort of a common look, so I’m not sure how much longevity she had in the competition, but she shouldn’t have been first to go. Not in that cycle.

Cycle 8’s Kathleen DuJour-

Notable moments: Oh, SO many. I wish she’d stayed around just to grace us with more… She entered the audition room and started screaming ‘OH MY GOD’ because Tyra was so pretty, then seconds later, when Tyra said ‘Is that all you up in there’ (in regards to her huge afro), replied ‘No!’… Then she showed the world her flat ass and declared that her mom and grandma ‘have no booty, and now I have no booty’. At the first photoshoot, where she was given the theme of ‘anti-fur’, she stated that she actually loved fur, because it ‘makes you look hot’. At panel, when Tyra asked her about her stance on fur, she said that she didn’t think you should kill an animal just for its fur, but if it was already dead, you could ‘take the skin off…. and just… make a coat…’ When Twiggy said that those weren’t the animals used for fur coats, Kathleen said ‘But animals die naturally, right?’. Finally, when her picture was shown and Nigel said that she didn’t get ‘it’, she uttered what is perhaps the most reusable line in ANTM history: ‘I knooo, riiite? I didn’t!’ Tyra said that she needed to ask questions if she didn’t understand a concept… She said that she didn’t want to seem slow, which prompted Miss. J to say ‘WEEELLLL’. 

I think you should all watch that.

Bottom 2 with Jael, who was portraying pro-life. 

Did she deserve to be eliminated? Based just on her photo, absolutely. She has a weird snout like  thing going on in that shot, and she really was clueless. Plus, our entertainment quota was quickly filled by Natasha and Dionne… But I would have liked to see her stick around for a couple more episodes just because she was that hilarious. One of the only cases where personality trumps modeling. Plus, I hate Jael.

Does she have potential? Yup. She’s actually really gorgeous. Just clueless.

Cycle 9’s Mila Bouzinova-

Notable moments: Being happy ALL the time and throwing parties because of new nail polish colors, laughing at how she looked in her smoking side effects shot (a person with hair loss from cancer)

Bottom 2 with? Ebony Morgan, the girl who later quit the show.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? She wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyways, because she was too thick in her bottom half. Her picture wasn’t the worst though.

Did she have potential? Not really. Her face sort of looks mushy… But she’s not ugly. Just not a model.

Cycle 10’s Atalya Slater-

Notable moments: None, really. She was eliminated after Kim quit, which sort of sucks, because people remember Kim leaving, but not the other girl who went home that night.

Bottom 2 with: Amis, who was eliminated two weeks later.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? Yup. Her picture was the worst, and (although this may be the fault of editing and not her) she had no definitive personality traits anyway. Amis was crazy and funny.

Did she have potential? Maybe a liiiitttle, but in a much more commercial field.

Cycle 11’s ShaRaun Brown-

Notable moments- ‘My name is ShaRaun… and I *AM* America’s Next Top Model’, picking on Isis at the photoshoot and calling her a drag queen, screaming upon entering the audition room, carrying around lucky panties and sniffing them whenever possible.

Bottom 2 with Nikeysha, who was only there because she couldn’t shut her fucking mouth.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? Whether it was a trick of the editing or not, she was extremely unpleasant and her picture was really meh. I wasn’t sad to see her go.

Did she have potential? She’s like a baby Bianca… Not nearly as striking, but her face was okay. 

Cycle 12’s Isabella Falk-

Notable moments: Having epilepsy and being scared to walk in a fashion show with strobe lights.

Bottom 2 with: Head bitch in charge Sandra Nyanchoka, who would get used to that spot in the bottom 2 until her eventual elimination.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? Her picture is horrible, but her presence is so much more modelesque than that of Tahlia or Kortnie… and I could have easily said goodbye to Jessica too.

Did she have potential? Yup. But she’s too commercial for what Tyra wants this cycle anyway, so she wouldn’t have lasted long.

Australia’s Next Top Model’s Naomi Thompson-

Notable moments- Being criticized for being too thick and then getting eliminated over a girl who was later rumored to be anorexic.

Bottom 2 with: Nicole Fraser, who was eliminated one week later.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? I thought her elimination was a little shocking, since her critique was pretty strong, but Australia is big on height (I dunno why they cast short girls if they’re just going to eliminate them for being too little), so I should have seen it coming.

Did she have potential? She had a sort of MILF thing going on when she wore her glasses, which is to say, that no… not really. Milf isn’t model.

Cycle 2’s Sasha Greenoff-

Notable moments- Getting kicked off before a photoshoot and being replaced by the much fiercer and more modelesque Madeleine.

Bottom 2 with: Caroline Mouflard, who later quit the competition. Cycle 2 was sooo wonky.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? I think it’s sort of unfair to eliminate someone with no photo, but she’s not very attractive, so I guess if they had to, she’d be the one to go.

Did she have potential? Not really, nope.

Cycle 3’s Cobi Marsh-

Notable moments: Looking like a long lost Olsen triplet, being yet another short girl to get the first boot, being the second Aboriginal contestant on the show.

Bottom 2 with Stephanie Flockhart, who got eliminated in the runway week just a couple of weeks later.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? It was between her and the feral Cassandra, but Cobi was much too short to be a model anyway.

Did she have potential? Maybe a little…. She has a very young look about her, but she’s still too babyfaced.

Cycle 4’s Kamila Markowska-

Notable moments- None, really.

Bottom 2 with: Emma, who was eliminated two episodes later.

Did she deserve to be eliminated? Based on her photo? No. Based on her personality? Yup. She brought nothing to the table.

Did she have potential? Definitely. She’s gorgeous. 

Next, I’ll probably do the girls who just missed going overseas.