It’s been a while since I did a post where I rated the pictures… I got really pissed off at hotlinkers and just decided to only do videos, but I think I prefer the traditional approach much better… And these are all tinypic’d, so feel free to steal them. 

I’ll start with last week’s Crazed Ciara Fans-


America's Next Top Model


That face is TO DIE FOR. She looks ferocious. And of course, anyone who knows me knows that I have a fixation with big hair.


America's Next Top Model


The only reason this wasn’t called higher? Cuz Allison dared to insult his Royal Asswipe. This picture is HOT. I love how her mouth is making a heart shape.


America's Next Top Model


She’s managed to elongate her itty bitty body, and it’s just gaw-juss. I think her head is too high, but her face looks pretty.


America's Next Top Model


Listen, if you can make a jaw that huge look normal sized, you did something right. It’s not a first call out worthy picture by any means… The body isn’t that special, and the face is way too ‘I’m sultry’, but she looks pretty…. Which is pretty cool.


America's Next Top Model


I actually like this a lot… I think her face is really intense and sexy, but her hand looks sort of weird. And I do see her age in this shot. It’s probably sabotage.


America's Next Top Model


Okay, so there’s some pretty unattractive stuff going on in her face… She looks tense and worried, but I think she did a good job masking her body flaws. Plus, her eyes really do smile naturally. She doesn’t look happy at all in this shot, but her eyes are really alive.


America's Next Top Model


I originally ranked this higher than Liverpool’s shot, because she does look pretty… But she also looks completely blank in the face. Her thighs are also um… not looking too hot. I don’t think it’s as bad as most people said, but it’s the weakest so far.

The newest shoot…. Posing like Carmen Miranda but not actually like Carmen Miranda or you’re too literal, whatthefuckever.




Supposedly, this is completely different from all her other pictures. Except it isn’t at all. But, I love it. She looks adorable and sassy without looking cartoonish. This gives me hope for Allison doing a Covergirl shot. 




Yeah, WHATEVER. There’s no sassy, but she looks extraordinarily beautiful. I like the pose, because even though she’s sitting, she’s got energy. Grumble, fuck you Tyra. 




It’s sort of a mess as a long shot… She’s lost an arm and stumpified the one that you can actually see, but the closeup is sort of pretty. It sort of looks like Carmen Miranda as a ghetto hooker, but it works, for some strange reason.




Much too cutesy smiling, although I don’t blame her for this, seeing as how she got about 10 different directions from the judges. She looks short, but she is alive in her face.




Completely dead in the face… You cannot expect me to believe that this was her best shot… Half her face is shrouded in shadows. Other than the ankles being crossed, she’s just standing there. Are you KIDDING?! But oh no… she’s not the worst!

Aminat, show them how it’s done-



Other than looking tall, this is so ridiculously unmodelesque. She’s got that same, puffy lipped, dead eyed expression, her pose is like Eva’s stupid bikini picture, which is to say… UGLY AS FUCK. I just don’t get it. 

Call-Out Averages (Excluding the commercials, because I don’t give a rat’s ass about them)-

Allison (3.2)- 5/1/7/3/4/2/1

Fo (3.7)- 1/5/1/10/1/4/4

Natalie (3.8)- 6/4/6/2/6/1/2

Celia (4.4)- 4/3/3/8/3/5/5

Teyona (5.5)- 8/6/10/1/8/3/3

Aminat (6.1)- 7/10/2/9/2/7/6


Liverpool (4.3)- 2/2/5/4/7/6

Scars (8.6)- 12/11/8/7/5

Simone (6.8)- 9/7/4/5/9

Kortnie (9)- 10/9/11/6

Nijah, Please (6.6)- 3/8/9

Boxy McBoxerson (11.5)- 11/12

Isabella- 13