“After being eliminated from America’s Next Top Model, Natalie Pack told E! News that the decision was unfair and “shady.” During elimination, she told Tyra Banks that Jay Manuel instructed her to hold the same pose after she was criticized for not giving enough variety. Her excuse was met with skepticism from Banks.

“It was very, very shady,” Pack said. “I think the judges thought that I lied and that’s why I got sent home.” She accuses Tyra and Manuel of having poor communication and different ideas on what they want to see from the girls, calling it “completely ridiculous and unfair.”

In Pack’s opinion, Tyra is playing favorites, E! Online reported. She noted that Aminat, another contestant, has been in the bottom two for two weeks, and is still on the show.

“I think [Tyra] just loves their personalities,” Pack said of Aminat and Teyona. “I feel they’re most relatable to Tyra, since Tyra was a black model struggling. I think she has a hidden emotional connection with the black girls, and I think that’s where a lot of favoritism comes from.

The model hopeful also said that her portrayal on the show was not realistic. She believes that she was made out to be the drama queen after Sandra’s departure.

“I feel like they didn’t have enough drama since Sandra left, so they chose me,” she said. “I was the lucky one who got chosen to be the drama show.” Pack continued saying that she was edited to look “spoiled.”

“I am completely opposite of the character they made me be on the show,” she said.”

-From withlovetyra.com