This came into discussion on one of my forums, and I decided to make it a public topic of interest on the blog. Please feel free to post your own personal feelings. I’m going to start with Cycle 8, just because neither of the top 2 were my favorites, but I think they both took some good shots.

Week 1- Controversial Issues

Natasha- Pro-Choice:

Jaslene- Pro Death Penalty-

Edge- Jaslene, easily. Best of the week, by far. Natasha’s is probably bottom 3 material.

Week 2- High School Cliches

Natasha- Teacher’s Pet:

Jaslene- Weirdo

Edge- Jaslene, again. Even more easily, this time. Jaslene’s is one of the best pictures in ANTM history, in my opinion. Natasha’s is SO weak. She’s lucky to have survived through this week.

Week 3- Nude w/ Candy Themed Body Paint-

Natasha- Gum Balls:

Jaslene- Dulce De Leche-

Edge- Natasha. I think her picture is pretty underrated.  Jaslene’s facial expression is weird.

Week 4- Crime Scene Victims-

Natasha- Drowned

Jaslene Gonzalez- Pushed off a roof

Edge- I like both, but Natasha’s is extremely haunting, so I’ll give her the edge.

Week 5- Gender Swap

Natasha- Hip-Hop Couple

Jaslene- Nautical Couple-

Edge- Jaslene is so sexy as a man… It’s not even funny. Natasha’s is so hilarious and awesome. In terms of a fashion picture, Jaslene’s is more impressive. Jas, narrowly.

Week 6- Four Personalities



Edge- Natasha takes this one, EASILY.

Week 7- Past ANTM Controversies.

Natasha- ‘Flesh Eating Bacteria’ with Cycle 4’s Michelle Deighton:

Jaslene- Granolagate with Cycle 5’s Bre Scullark-

Edge- Natasha, easily.

Week 8- Commercials with Australian accents.



Edge- Natasha. Neither of them sounded even vaguely Australian, but Jaslene sounded deaf. Natasha was charming.

Week 9- Swimsuits-

Women’s Magazine-



Edge- First of all, Renee’s is better than both. But! I’ve always thought Jaslene’s performance on this shoot was a little overrated. Sure, she’s showing the swimsuit well, but there’s no chemistry with the male model at all. Natasha, on the other hand, looks sort of like an ad for a mail order bride. But she looks hot as hell. She wins.

Men’s Magazine-



Edge- Again, Cha-Cha is a little overrated here. I don’t love the hair in front of her face… And I think Natasha’s is just gaw-juss. Double win for Nata here.

Week 10- Australian Tribal Dances-

Natasha- Dance of the Willie-Wag Tail

Jaslene- Dance of the Red-Chested Robin-

Edge- Natasha’s picture is terrible. Jaslene is looking a little tranny fierce in hers, but it’s still better.

Final Week- Covergirl



Edge- I think both are decidedly average… And Renee spanked them both, yet again… But Natasha’s is pretty terrible. Jaslene wins.

So, a rundown:

Controversial Issues- Jaslene

High School Cliches- Jaslene

Nude Candies- Natasha

Crime Scenes- Natasha

Gender Swap- Jaslene

Four Personalities- Natasha

Infamous ANTM Moments- Natasha

Queen Collection Commercial- Natasha

Women’s Magazine- Natasha

Men’s Magazine- Natasha

Tribal Dance- Jaslene

Covergirl- Jaslene

In conclusion:

Natasha- 7

Jaslene- 5

Natasha wins the photograph war! But, overall, Jaslene’s losses aren’t as severe as Natasha’s. For example: Natasha’s high school cliche picture is probably one of the worst of the week. Jaslene’s is the best. In the men’s magazine shoot, Natasha isn’t number one, but Jaslene isn’t last. Basically, I’m okay with Jaslene winning.

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