I think we’re being set up for one hell of a shocking episode. There is this little nagging voice in the back of my head that’s telling me that Aminat could win this thing. I’m going to discuss some spoilers, none of which are 100% reliable, so don’t panic:

-Supposedly, a ‘tall black girl with a fierce walk’ was seen in the final runway in Sao Paulo. Now, I had originally dimissed this as Aminat walking, but as a decoy– Last cycle, both Marjorie and Sheena walked in the final Amsterdam runway show– That could still be the case, or it could simply be Teyona, although her walk, while perfectly adequate, is NOT fierce. Celia herself even said that Aminat’s walk is beautiful. Whether we like it or not, the tall black girl with the fierce walk is still in the competition and it could definitely be Aminat.

-A person the CW, whose source is a cameraman for the panels on ANTM, posted the entire order before the show aired. This list has been 100% right, except he had Sandra placing 8th and Tahlia placing 9th. Obviously, that was backwards. He says that the eliminations will go as follows: 4th: Teyona, 3rd: Celia, 2nd: Allison. Winner: Aminat. Supposedly, a girl breaks down in panel during the next episode. Is there a chance that this is Teyona for having a bad shot and actually being called out on it? She could get the ‘You need to be able to take criticism’ lecture and be eliminated, shocking everyone and giving this cycle a much-needed spark.

-I don’t buy into this TOO much, but Aminat is featured VERY prominently in the promo picture… She and Allison are basically ahead of everyone. Also interesting- if the ‘Every 3 cycles, a black woman wins’ and ‘Everyone 4 cycles, a more atypical nationality wins’, Aminat works for both of these scenarios. She’s not only black, but also Nigerian born.

-If they wanted to eliminate Aminat, why didn’t they do it when she was in the bottom 2 for two weeks? Obviously the judges want to keep her around. Remember the last time this happened? I do. It’s called Whitney Thompson.

-ANTM winners have proven time and time again that they can’t book print jobs. The stench of the ANTM win follows them around and they don’t get work. Aminat has proven to be one-note in photos, so she’ll fit in just fine with the previous winners. But! She has proven she has the stuff to walk a runway. Other girls have won with decent walks (Saleisha could strut, but her ‘borderline plus-size’ thighs nixed any runway chances she had, Naima was better suited to be a waitress, etc) but none of them have been 6’1 and as modelesque as Aminat.

Maybe I’m insane… But I’m starting to think it could happen. Either way, I think we can all agree that the winner will be a black woman. And really, it’s for the best. The worst thing that could happen to Allison would be a win on this show.