The Brazilian Swimwear shoot was a disaster. Looking back, all of the pictures are flawed, but here we go. The idea was to stand out from a crowd of ‘normal’ people, in this case, fat men with zinc oxide on their noses. The concept is clearly ripped off from this Dolce and Gabbana ad:



America's Next Top Model


If Nigel Barker was a semi-decent photographer, he would have focused the camera on her so there wouldn’t be about a yard of empty space. Even so, she still stands out, looking reckless and sexy. I’m surprised at how cute her ass is too.


America's Next Top Model


So, the pose is almost IDENTICAL to the Carmen Miranda shoot, and we all know her face looks the same in every shot… But I think it works here. She looks really hot with the wind blowing, and her body is just insane.


America's Next Top Model


There is just SO MUCH CHIN in this shot. All I see is jaw and chin… But at least she looks nice… Her cheekbones look good from the side and her hair blowing behind her is very feminine. She clearly stands out… I mean, this IS Teyona… They wouldn’t show her worst shot even if they were offered a zillion dollars. Speaking of worst shots-


America's Next Top Model


Okay, so she had a rough shoot. Was this shit really her best? I don’t think so. But she does look bewildered and… okay, a bit older. I think her body is FANTASTIC though. I’m very tempted to put this higher… She really does have a body that can do teeny bikinis… but like I said, these all sort of suck. BUT THEY’RE NOT THE WORST-


America's Next Top Model


The face isn’t as ugly as I originally thought, but the pose is just wrooooong. This is clearly one of her weird, squinchy, Gollumesque poses. I don’t believe for a SECOND that this is her best shot. She looks short. If this really was her best, then she definitely needed to go.

Allison (3)- 5/1/7/3/4/2/1/1

Fo (3.8)- 1/5/1/10/1/4/4/5

Natalie- 3.8

Celia (4.3)- 4/3/3/8/3/5/5/4

Teyona (5.2)- 8/6/10/1/8/3/3/3

Aminat (5.6)- 7/10/2/9/2/7/6/2

Liverpool- 4.3

Scars- 8.6

Simone- 6.8

Kortnie- 9

Nijah, Please- 6.6

Boxy McBoxerson- 11.5

Isabella- 13