Creepychan is on fire. She is unstoppable. Nobody since Adrianne has gotten 3 first call-outs in a row from me… I don’t even think Anyway got that many. She and Celia have delivered two of the absolute best shots of this cycle. So, I’m sure you want to see them, right?



allison closeup

This picture is to die for. It’s sexy, it lengthens her body. I adore it. If I had one complaint, it’s style related– I wish she was naked. Her clothes barely show anyway, and I think a little ass crack would have looked even more primal and natural. But in terms of her modeling, it’s flawless.



celia closeup

There is SO much bone structure in this picture, and I think her eyes are amazing. I also love how the legs are folded under her, like she’s perched. I see none of this supposed oldness in her picture. It’s completely beautiful.

And the next two aren’t even in the same stratosphere. I’m actually having a hard time ranking them, because one face is completely messed up, and another body is a mess.



aminat closeup

I wasn’t wrong when I said that her head looked awkwardly large. It really does look strange. And that back eye is seriously wonky… But I think her cheekbones are lovely and it’s a different expression than the one we’ve been seeing. Plus, look at the body. The judges aren’t kidding about Aminat being stunning to look at.



teyona closeup

I just don’t find this appealing. Yeah, her jaw isn’t about to knock me across the room, but she’s got sort of the Whitney Thompson trap door thing going on, and her body looks really weird. It’s still not terrible though. All the shots were good.

Certainly better than anything Nigel has done this cycle. What a tool.

Allison (3)- 5/1/7/3/4/2/1/1/1

Fo- 3.8

Natalie- 3.8

Celia (4.1)- 4/3/3/8/3/5/5/4/2

Liverpool- 4.3

Teyona (5.1)- 8/6/10/1/8/3/3/3/4

Aminat (5.3)- 7/10/2/9/2/7/6/2/3

Scars- 8.6

Simone- 6.8

Kortnie- 9

Nijah, Please- 6.6

Boxy McBoxerson- 11.5