My speculation on the finale starts right here…


allison closeup

(Her best shot)

Not gonna happen. Even with the ‘pattern broken’ spoiler, it won’t be her. She doesn’t have the walk. And really, I’m completely okay with this. It’s too bad that I have no respect for this show, since I spend a lot of time talking about it.


teyona closeup

(Her best shot)

It’s very, very possible. She has one of the best call-out averages EVER. Her walk is adequate. She has been getting a winners edit from day 1. THAT BEING SAID… She has quite a few things working against her now. Foundation was set for a major break-down this week. For the first time, Teyona got criticism for being uninspiring on set. In the preview for the finale, she’s crying. On the preview for the Cycle 12 Reunion on the Tyra Banks Show, Teyona is sitting next to Allison, who is next to Aminat (Aminat is closest to Tyra), looking utterly defeated. She will probably not pull off a great Covergirl shot. I haven’t completely dimissed her yet, since she *has* been slobbered on all cycle, but I’m doubting a win at this point.



(Her best shot)

I admit to faltering a little bit on the Aminat train around mid-cycle, but I called a victory in Episode 1. The ‘pattern broken’ spoiler works in her favor– Only girl to never get a first call-out but make the top 3– The ‘tall black girl with a fierce walk’ on the runway spoiler works in her favor… Obviously, Tyra sees something in her, since she has been spared over the more photogenic Liverpool, Natalie and Celia. She’s grinning in the preview for the finale. She’s sitting next to Tyra at the C12 reunion. She said in the last episode that she ‘always comes in second’… what a good chance to change that! Working against her is the obvious weak portfolio… It’s possible that they’ll pull a Tootie and only show her best shots, but… that’s a whopping total of about 2 pictures?

I’m sort of a mess about this finale… I have no clue, although I am confident that Allison will not win. And that’s good. Since this show is a curse.