This cycle’s Covergirl shots are a massive improvement over Cycle 11’s, which looked like Clairol ads. McKey’s is one of my favorites um, ever… But Samantha and Analeigh are down in the bottom tier for me. So, my ranking of this year’s shots:


America's Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model

Surprised? And I was all set to rank her as one of the worst ever. Her 12-head has been photoshopped for about 12 hours… I mean, there’s no way that it’s that small. But she looks gorgeous… Sultry, modelesque, but still approachable enough to fill the brief. I mean, really, does anyone buy that her chin and forehead are that small? It’s okay, the picture is hot.


America's Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model

Her picture is probably more indicative of how she really looks… and it’s so damn beautiful. Her overall performance (commercial and photo included) was the strongest, but it really was too little too late. The reason I have it ranked below Teyona’s is because I think it’s a little more ‘senior portrait’ and less model. But god, it’s SO hot.


America's Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model

It’s a huge disappointment, for me. She CAN do commercial modeling– the picture proves it, but the chin is way too high. It just looks unnatural. But I am so proud of little Creepypants for taking such an easy, breezy picture. I wouldn’t have eliminated her if I was the judges even if they’d given me 500 bucks.

Final Call-Out Scores:

Allison (2.8)- 5/1/7/3/4/2/1/1/1/3

Fo- 3.8

Natalie- 3.8

Celia- 4.1

Liverpool- 4.3

Teyona (4.7)- 8/6/10/1/8/3/3/3/4/1

Aminat (5.0)- 7/10/2/9/2/7/6/2/3/2

Nijah, Please- 6.6

Simone- 6.8

Scars- 8.6

Kortnie- 9

Boxy McBoxerson- 11.5

Creepychan kicked all your asses: