So, the Fiercee Awards are some stupid term coined by Tyra and used on numerous occasions. Basically, she used an hour of her talk show to give out awards to ANTM Alum, because most of them had nothing better to do than show up for her show. Then, after the episode premiered, the Cycle 11 girls had to do various award show mishaps, using the oh-so-important Fiercee awards as their mock award show.


So, I decided to just put my own snarky Amanda spin on the Fiercee Awards and give some love of my own. First category:

Best Makeover-

Tyra’s gang doesn’t get it right very often, but there have been a few cases where the makeovers completely brought out the best in the contestants.

Fo (Cycle 12)- The short cut took Fo from cute little Blaxican to stunning bitch in just a few short chops.

Fatima (Cycle 10)- Talk about a good change. The orangey frizz mop was downright hideous, but Fatima’s face benefited from the long weave which Tyra is so fond of.

Samantha (Cycle 11) She went from the mall to majorly hot with the short hair. It emphasized a beautiful face and a unique look, and Sam delivered a First call out worthy shot the same week.

Bianca (Cycle 9)- The purple mop on top of her head made it really difficult to take her seriously, but when her makeover went wrong and she decided to rock the bald look, it ended up being a serious blessing. Bianca’s face suddenly came aliiiiive.

Shandi (Cycle 2) Before her makeover, she was mousy and there was nothing striking about her. With some blonde and some tracks sewn in, Shandi instantly became a willowy, gorgeous model.

And the Fiercee goes to…. Samantha! That edgy haircut took her from straight up mall girl to budding model with serious potential. And suddenly, her photos started to improve!

Funniest Contestant-

There have been quite a few on the show for laughs, but only one can win this award. The nominees are…

Natasha Galkina (Cycle 8)- Her best moment? ‘Yo, wind for my bitch’

Jade Cole (Cycle 6)- Her best moment? ‘My name is Jade… the ace of spades…’

Anya Rozova (Cycle 10)- Her best moment? ‘Aw great! My first step in Rome and I eat it on the ground!’

Lisa D’Amato (Cycle 5)- Her best moment? ‘Calm down. Take a break. Eat a cookie!’

Dionne Walters (Cycle 8)- Her best moment? ‘What the fuck is wrong with my baby’s hair?’

And the Fiercee goes to… Jade! As she said when she left the house… “Jade will be hard to forget”. Nobody else has come close to duplicating her legacy.

Most Beautiful Contestant-

Nik Pace (Cycle 5)

Yoanna House (Cycle 2)

Natalie Pack (Cycle 12)

Elina Ivanova (Cycle 11)

Fatima Siad (Cycle 10)

And the Fiercee goes to… Yoanna! There hasn’t been anyone else with a face so perfectly chiseled, like a marble statue or something.

Best Body-

Chantal Jones (Cycle 9)- Nearly 6 feet tall, with legs up to her armpits. She practically screamed model from day 1, even in bermuda shorts.

Aminat Ayinde (Cycle 12)- Say what you want about her pictures, but there’s no denying that she had one of the best bodies on the show. 6’1 and ready to rock a runway.

Rebecca Epley (Cycle 4)- She has a cute little ready for editorial spreads body. For more evidence, look at the Aliens photo from Cycle 4.

Marjorie Conrad (Cycle 11)- Her proportions are perfect for high fashion.

Ebony Morgan (Cycle 9)- Beautiful long legs and a well proportioned upper body.

And the fiercee goes to… Chantal! Her body is just flawless. She’s like a living, breathing Barbie doll.

Best Winner-

Adrianne Curry

Yoanna House

Nicole Linkletter

Danielle Evans

McKey Sullivan

And the Fiercee goes to… McKey! While Marjorie may have had the stronger photos, McKey had the whole package… Confidence, fashion sense, versatility. A true model!

Best Photo to Get a Girl Eliminated-

Celia Ammerman- ‘Exotic Birds

Marjorie Conrad- ‘Dutch Windmill

April Wilkner- ‘Nude Pairs’

Giselle Samson- ‘Nike Movement

Lisa Jackson- ‘Queen Collection

And the fiercee goes to… Marjorie’s Dutch Windmill! There is a serious shortage of Vogue worthy shots on ANTM, but Marjorie’s perfectly clueless shot was to die for. And she was hungover! That’s serious talent.

Best Covergirl Shot-

Jenah Doucette

Amanda Swafford

Eva Pigford

McKey Sullivan

Nicole Linkletter

And the fiercee goes to… Amanda! While all of them are beautiful shots that perfectly embody Covergirl without resorting to cheese, it’s Amanda’s that looks timeless.

Best Portfolio-

Joanie Dodds- Her best shot- Mermaids in a Thai Market

Marjorie Conrad- Her best shot- B&W Dramatic

Michelle Babin- Her best shot- Model Stereotypes

Anya Rozova- Her best shot- Caught by the Paparazzi

Brittany Hatch- Her best shot- Nude Candy Coated

And the fiercee goes to…


Not one shot is out of place in her portfolio… All of them have a place as ads or in print work. Marjorie managed to take even the most gimmicky of photoshoots (Fiercee Awards, anyone?!) and make them fashion.

Stay tuned for the Not-So-Fiercee Awards, which will be 10x more fun.